Question for Mr Koetting:

I was absolutely enthralled by your Invocation video, but I’m curious as to why you had no Amulet of Magus or similar protection?
I realize circles can be seen as an insult at times, especially when working with familiar beings, BUT when doing such a working as yours, would not at least a bit of protection have been prudent?

I’m curios.Maybe I missed something?

Ok. Anybody else know?

This is my opinion based on my understanding of watching the ritual, and reading some other discussion with E.A. and others that is available here on the forum.

As far as I can tell there are least two major reasons for not using and Amulet of Magus or something similar.

One. The ritual was done to make contact with a particular spirit. The methods used were based on research and personal experience. In particular the method of the working was attempting to follow (to the best degree possible in the circumstances) the practices of the tradition and cosmogony of that particular spirit. This means honoring the understandings of the intent and methods of that historical tradition, and excluding things that are part of some different or non-aligned system.

Two. The intent of the rite was to make substantial contact with the spirit. Including a protection or device designed to block that spirit or to protect against it would be weakening that contact, and communicating two things. One, the operator would be admitting to themselves that they may not want the results of what they are doing to succeed, increasing their doubts about either the ritual itself, or whether they really wanted to have that contact. Second, the spirit who is subsequently contacted may then notice and respond to the devices or protection that were to be utilized against it. This could cause the spirit to either decide not to be involved, or to take whatever action was necessary to break past those protections. Either of these would ultimately reduce the efficacy of the contact.

So, in that tradition and specifically for the purpose of this rite, an Amulet of Magus would not have been appropriate since it is not part of that tradition in which the working was taking place, and it’s use would have been an admission of uncertainty by the operator, and a possible insult to the spirit in question.

Fair enough, but in my understanding, the Amulet of Magus goes back to AT LEAST first era Babylon.The Egyptians stepped away from its use for a time for some reason, but it eventually came back into use BCE.

You are likely right about offending the being, I use neither triangle nor circle,BUT I have friends who seem to enjoy catching my back as well.
Not using an amulet is a n00b mistake, so I KNOW he did it on purpose, I’m just wondering what he knows I might need to. LOL

I KNOW just from some of the offerings Mr. Koetting offers, that he’s been touched by the godz!Some toil for a lifetime and NEVER get even the concept of a portable working area, and maybe one in a hundred will EVER see a sigil flash!

Hmm. he might have just had it tucked in his robes too, I do that when I’m pretty sure of my “guests.”

I think “protection” is for those who wish to work with spirits, and do not want to walk in the current they’re in. They want to maintain salvation for themselves, and not be on the side of the spirit. They are not binding themselves to a spirit for a greater cause that will benefit the spirit, they are only interested in using its power. The misplaced confidence in amulets is really foolishness. I don’t believe any amulet is going to limit the power of an entity. Once you open yourself up to one entity, you open yourself up to its “excellent familiars”. Provided you are willing to work in tandem with them, you have nothing to worry about. As EA said in an interview, “If I stop doing what I’m doing, I’m going to hear it from the spirits.” (Paraphrased from the video “Fuck The Right Hand Path”).