Question for E.A. concerning your Ixaxxar works

E.A. I’ve a question concerning the cover for you Ixaxxar works: Works of Darkness, Baneful Magick and Evoking Eternity. Where the sigils used (Astaroth, Marbas, and Murmer respectively) used as a way to pay tribute to those certain demons for their part in your personal development or for that particular work, part of a stipulation of a previous pact, or was this decided by Ixaxxar? I have been curious about this for some time but you really peaked my interest when you shared your pact with Astaroth. Thanks in advance.

Hmmm…good stuff TWF! Thanks for posting…I’m going to check this out straight away!

Ixaxxaar had their own reasons for using those entities from what I’ve heard.

Would you care to speculate what those reasons may be?

Yes, Annina over at Ixaxaar created the “coat of arms” cover design, and then inserted different spirit sigils into the design for each book.

I actually didn’t understand some of her choices, but acquiescence to the design dictates of the publisher is part of the deal when you’re working with a traditional publisher. As the author, you’re responsible for the content, while the publisher is responsible for the presentation.

Luckily, some more forward-thinking publishers are seeing beyond these rigid roles and are inviting and sometimes even demanding the author’s participation in designing the appearance of the book.

For instance, Timothy and I are working with an author right now for a book that we’re planning on releasing, making sure that our materials, book layout, and even the cover design and colors fit what the author had originally intended.

(p.s.: I’m not going to tell you who this author is, but this book is going to be crazy good!)

“(p.s.: I’m not going to tell you who this author is, but this book is going to be crazy good!)”

Thank Fucking Jesus…finally!!! Man I can’t wait until our forum starts to release it’s own publications. Interestingly, this is what’s going to separate BALG releases I believe…the author (artist shall we say) having a say so in what is being released.

This is where EA’s experience I’m sure is coming into play. There ain’t nothin’ traditional about BALG Forum, the programs, or the crazy people you run into here.

…especially the crazy the people :slight_smile: