Question for astrologists

I done a little research on the Stars on Spica but couldn’t find anything occult related. I did however read somewhere that goddess energy is empathize, something like that anyway.

So my question is what does the Star Spica represent and how can i use the Star in my rituals.

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The star Spica is related to great wealth and can enhance your rituals powers.
F ex. when Jupiter is conjunct or in another almost exact aspect, you can perform a ritual related to the planet.
There is also Solar Horoscope Magick (best books on it by Ciro Discepolo) which teach you how to improve your life by traveling on your birthday. Been doing this for the past 5 years and it works but it’s a rather complicated system that requires some time to learn and comprehend.
You can use the moon cycles connected to planetary aspects to achieve better results with rituals.
These are a few aspects that enhance the power of a ritual

Venus/Jupiter: Love/Money/Beauty
Venus Pluto: Love/Money
Sun/Jupiter : Good for everything related to Luck
Mercury/Jupiter : Business
Mercury/Saturn (only positive aspects): Business
Venus on AC or 2nd House: Beauty
Jupiter on AC: Good for everything
Jupiter in 2: Money
Jupiter in 7: Relationships
Mars on AC : Revenge
Jupiter/Pluto: Super Success Aspect
Uranus/Jupiter: Gambling and Super Luck Aspect
Mars/Jupiter: Energy and Power
Moon on Angle (with Jupiter): Fertility
Magi Astrology claims Chiron acts like a second Jupiter, so a Chiron/Jupiter or Venus/Chiron would be a Super Success aspect, too. Personally, I find Chiron to be related more to health and personal healing (or pain).
Saturn/Chiron aspects are to avoid though(they are horrifying and called heartbreak aspects).
Another very bad business aspect is Saturn squaring Jupiter.
Rituals should be avoided on those days.
Jupiter in House 2 is used by Gamblers to get results at Casinos. I read a book of a guy who claims it works every time for him when Jupiter is exactly on the cusp of the 2nd house. Personally, I have other tricks that work just as well.

You should also use the planetary days and hours that can be looked up online while doing rituals.
It helps increasing the power but none of it is 100% necessary if your personal power is already strong.
Some people say fasting and withstanding sexual relationships also helps.

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Thank you.

The old astrology system must be actualised. Spica was hundreds of years ago in Virgo now is in Libra. Spica simbolized the gathering of ressources and getting rich through work (Virgo - human) In Libra has maybe some other significance like maybe the ressources (Spica) being oficially recognised (Libra - justice) or bringing harmony - balance?


I read that the star spica represented death, rebirth and growth.

Spica also represents fame.
Uranus/Jupiter is Fame too. Moon/Jupiter is being popular so for a Business in the public Eye to become successful, I would choose Moon conjunct Jupiter in aspect to Uranus. If you add Pluto to the Mix, you could have Super Success.

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