Question for All Tarot readers

Is it common for a tarot reader to tell you to wait 9 days before saying anything about the reading to anyone?


No, though I do tend to hear these little sayings around tarot readers who lean more towards “RHP” but unsure. However, in my years of doing tarot readings and receiving them the wait 9 days thing has never come up.

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@anon48079295 yeah I’ve never encountered that either. Must be something this particular reader does :woman_shrugging:t4: Thanks for the response tho! I was curious

Nope here too. Maybe it’s something from the readers tradition.
Where I come from for example, we never say “thank you” after a divination (cards, coffee tasseography etc) because it’s considered bad luck. So who knows… :woman_shrugging:


Brightest blessings…

I would have to say no, neither I or any who have ever read for me, either…


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When I had a regression session a couple of years ago, the guide told us to keep what we’ve seen this day a secret from anyone for about a week or two. When we asked him why, he said that this way we keep the information to ourselves, keeping it from “escaping”, and allowing it to dwindle in our minds in it’s complete form, provoking random epiphanies, related to the regression, and deeper understanding of the information gained.

Maybe the reader believes in something similar?

No. That’s quite uncommon.

I’ve never heard that one, so it will be a no from me as well

Law is you have to refund if they complain within seven days.


Hmm, that’s the first time I have heard of such too. Definitely uncommon but I think to each his/her own way of reading. IME, readers usually only tell others to wait like that in response to those clients who insist on repetitive readings.

That’s interesting you were told that. Personally I’ve never heard of this. This did make me quite curious to see if anyone I know irl who does readings has heard of this. I messaged a few and the ones who have responded so far have also not heard of this.