Question for all of you

Has anyone here summoned a demon and actually seen them flesh to flesh? And if so what’d they look like. How’d they sound etc.?

Also I know I could just search it but i just want to hear it straight from you guys

I think this was asked already. Although I never summoned a demon to the physical, but I have been to their plane where they are flesh and blood if that counts.


How was the experience? If you don’t mind saying

I like it better than evocation where they can make you see them however they want or however your mind wishes to view them.

I’ve seen the human-like ones, which are ones who don’t really have much demonic traits besides tails, horns, and such, but I’ve also seen ones with scales and draconic in nature, ones with obsidian like skin, it looked like the stone at glance but felt like human skin but with a bit more durability?


That’s really cool!

Nothing to do with the post, but you’re the man I was looking for you.

PM, please, I need your insight.

Lucifer (unless I only imagined it) yesterday told me that they do not have a body, they are pure essence, pure energy and take on the appearance that best suits us. Do you agree?

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Probably, but they are physical in their realms if you think about it.


you could check out this article it may be helpful

I agree if it’s an evocation but if it’s projection to the spiritual plane/their home than no I do not agree because a lot are physical on their own plane and only energetic here because they cannot cross over completely.