Question concerning wealth magick by damon brand

Hi everyone!

I need some advices concerning a book, wealth magick by damon brand.

But as required, firstly
I introduce myself.
So, english isn t my native language, sorry for the mistakes in this message. I m a french practicioner, i read occult books along with the amazing contributions from this balg forum.

The thing is that I ve been able to study wealth magick till the ritual with claunech. And i stopped! I had self doubt, fears, felt exhausted and extremely guilty for my behaviour.

I d like to hear your points of view on my situation : is it possible to continue the rituals dispite the huge break (2 years) or should I consider restarting all the workings from the very begining?
I m still performing the daily practice by the way…
Thanks for reading me.

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Welcome @Emm Please properly introduce yourself in the correct place. CLICK THIE IMAGE BELOW and tell us about yourself and any experience you may have in magick, such as what you practice, how long you have practiced, areas of interest, etc:


I’d recommend you re-read the book from start to end, the answers you’re looking for are most likely already in it.


I’ve summoned Claunech before outside of the working presented by the book. I believe I summoned the demon for like three days, requesting some cash. “Money out of the blue, a burst of money,” whatever, cash, closer to now than later. A few weeks later I received more than I usually had to live off of for like a year. Granted I was a broke-ass student working on academics and trying to build my resume so I could get a job, so no income really, but regardless, that was an incredible result.

If you want to you can use any of the rituals in the book on their own. There is no problem with that. You could also do the entire working in the book.

Why would you do that if you can just summon a demon and get a bunch of money? It doesn’t always work out like that, and how much I received back then wouldn’t exactly be unwanted, but it’s certainly not as big of a deal to me now because of the changes that I have manifested in my career/life which have led me to a place where my work is inherently more profitable.

People seem to understand that concept, that some work is more profitable than other work, but society is structured in such a way that few people actually make the switch and so build wealth.

I’ll put it like this. Claunech or any of the other many and various spirits which I have called on for financial magick could have manifested for me various jobs, side businesses, or one-off gigs which I had been exploring at various points and in some cases almost fully manifested into my reality. That would have given me some cash or even what seemed like much more income.

What happened though, over the course of several years, is that I was taken through various learning experiences and paths which ultimately brought me to a position where I had the knowledge, the connections, and the resources (which tends to come from knowledge and connections much more so than arbitrary grinding away at labor) to expand my wealth much more significantly than the other paths would have allowed me to do. Some business ideas could potentially have gotten me there as well, but were less aligned with who I am and what I want to do with my life.

I really like this book as well because I believe it is what got me on the path that lets me enjoy money in my life and that has taught me how to make lots more of it without having to truly sell myself out.

It seems that for some people, money is their life, especially the very wealthy ones. Some people literally do play with money all day, every day. I find such things interesting, but the reason I did Wealth Magick is not to have to keep doing Wealth Magick until I die.

As a self-proclaimed wannabe Lord of the Left Hand Path, I honestly, genuinely am extremely at ease with the belief that I am inevitably manifesting financial freedom for myself with a luxurious lifestyle. It would be a colossal annoyance, but even if all that I have were to go up in flames, I’d build it back up again. It’s not like it’s some impossible 5D Rubick’s Cube.

What I’m saying is that if you want to manifest some cash, do what you want. I certainly enjoy myself some cash. But as someone who seems interested in what Wealth Magick can do, I’d keep my eyes on the prize as well, and that is building a net worth. People with net worths do not liquidate all of their holdings and blow all their wealth cause they want to buy random stuff. This applies if you are worth $40m or $1k.


Hello everyone ! SORRY !Sorry for being so shitty.
Sorry for the huge delay.
I read your kind answers. Thanks for your analysis.

I m still freezed, can t decide. Feel exhausted , suffer the same self sabotage behaviour.

Chill dude just do the magick


Thanks for encouraging me!:joy:`
I read what you brilliantly described in your experience with claunech, i ve no doubt concerning his reliability.
I m worried about not being protected anymore (or enough) because of the huge delay in my magical workings. Damond brand emphasized on this value of respecting the timing, not only to obtain results, but also in order to remain safe .
Sorry for the mess in my head.

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Welcome back to the forum @Emm. However, before you make any more posts, please do as you were asked to do four months ago, and properly introduce yourself. Click on the image I posted above, and tell us about yourself and any experience in magick you may have. It is a rule here and required.


Hello, it s done!

Hello balg members !

I m asking you the same question againconcerning Wealth magick by damon brand.
My fear of not being protected anymore freezes me and i din t know what to do with my work.
Do you think that i am still protected, so that i finish the works ?
Or should i re start wealth magick from the very beggining?
Shinri thinks there s no danger , but i can t decide.
Sorry for the mistakes and the question.

In my opinion, you should continue rather than starting over again.


Thanks for encouraging me !!

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i finished wm at the end of far all good.the ritual with clauneck is one of the easiest in my opinion.
Even the selected time around sunset is ideal to perform it.
I dont see any reason to not continue.

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Thank you very much for your answer!!

Your experience with demon claunech brings me relief.

I m going to continue the workings .

Again, thank you both for your help and guidance.


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