Question abouts gods

Hi, i wanna know which gods are related with the elements, and how using that elemment i can evoke it

Pick up a copy of Crowley’s 777 or Dr. Stephen Skinner’s Magician’s Tables. They have all the correspondences you’ll need.


Thanks for ur recommendations

Most entities correspond with an element , like Yahweh corresponds with fire


Most Gods align with a nonclassic elemental energy but most only know their classical alignments like water, fire, earth, and air, however nonclassic elements are like void, cosmic, darkness, light, solar, lunar, among others.

Yahweh is more a light/fire, Tiamat, or any primordial waters deity is void, cernunnos, Sylvannus, are cosmic, etc, to name a few.


Maybe ask lord Satan he is all 5 elements maybe lord Satan has the answer you seek

u know about a book that have all that information on a formant different of the 777 charts?