Question about Vampirizing energetically:

Okay so, when you vampirize someone energetically - how do you know if you’ve been successful in doing so? Do you feel a physical difference?

The method I had previously used was a combination of visualization and breathing. I would focus in visually on my target then mentally visualize the chakra/energy I wanted to siphon from. I would then visualize that energy being pulled to me - and match it to my breathing. Aka my inhales specifically. Sometimes I would imagine tendrils coming from me to take it - but it doesn’t feel as natural as just pulling it to me on my inhale breaths.

I also did the same thing but through my sense of smell. Since I’m pretty sensitive that way, if I caught a person’s scent I would take their energy that say - inhaling through my nose as I naturally do. Since my sense of smell seems to cross over into my clair sense.

Is that a good method?


Okay so, when you vampirize someone energetically - how do you know if you’ve been successful in doing so? Do you feel a physical difference?

That all depends on you and how you feel energy/chi/prana/vital force/etc.

As long as you can establish and the cut a connection, there will be some energy exchange.

When I take energy from something, I can feel it moving though the established connection or into me. That feeling came with time and practice, and constantly working on my technique. There are a lot of times where I am ‘unsure’, but I don’t let that stop me. I just keep on practicing what I practice.

Breathing in energy is a common technique. There is nothing wrong with it, and if you practice with it enough, you will become proficient. Do what you feel is easiest for you, and build on that confidence with practice.

Practice with objects and things. Practice with ‘empty’ space.

Those are simpler things to connect with than people. That way you can get a good feel for your own technique and know ‘for sure’ what it feels like to connect with what. Of course, connecting with a rock and connecting with a person will feel different, but you will ‘know’ and notice and eliminate your own doubt that it has happened.

Something that helps me, when I really want to fuck something, is visualizing myself actually reaching into them, not with a tendril, but my actual hand. Squeezing and taking the energy from the organ that I am targeting. To me, there is something more affirming and dominating about it than just poking them with an energetic tendril or seeing their energy being drawn towards me with each breath, etc.

A lot of vampire stuff out there is highly visual, but it doesn’t have to be.

If you get good enough with just perceiving the energy, you can draw it towards you without visualization.


I tend to feel something, it’s hard to describe because like energy it’s a subtle feeling. Im sensitive to energy too so that helps.

The breathing technique feels most natural to me - especially if I focus on the person’s vibe/prescence and work on breathing that in.

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I know what you mean xD

But yeah, practice and record your findings. Getting really good at something takes time and dedication. Keep on what youre doing and see where it leads you.


The breathing method is also what is most natural to me and yes, you can feel it when it is successful. When I work with tendrils I tend not to be comfortable either, but to my knowledge it depends on your need to feed and what works best for you, then there’s also the quality of energy which makes a difference. I personally use tendrils only for sending energy then cut them off, as I don’t like staying connected. With the breathing method, its really just taking an amount without need for actual connection. However what works for you, works for you,

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