Question about vampires

hi, i want to know if vampires can choose their next scion through dreams, im asking because today i just wake up after dreaming that i accept a marriege proposal of a girl who turn to be a vampire, after i have accepted her proposal, she tell me about the preparations to became a vampire, i just wanna know if is possible that.
thanks for reading it

Before I go, no, you can’t be “turned” into a vampire, that’s pure fiction… What is a “scion”?


oh, ok thanks for the anwser.
more than a scion i wanted to say a new noephite of the vampires bloodline

There’s no such thing as a vampire bloodline, that’s a blind, derived from romantic, folk and horror stories.
As a creator being, you can use that idea like a ceremonial mage uses tools to direct your intent, but you want to be very careful about giving your power away to external ideas.

YOU are the powerful one that makes the magick work, not the “bloodline”, not some parasitic entity that promised to teach you and probably just wants your milkshake.

If you want to learn how to take energy from any source including other humans, learn energy working. Qigong or Reiki or psionics are all good systems with techniques adapted for vampiric purposes.
All humans can do this, very easily, it’s not a secret, it’s a birthright.

It’s not that efficient or even clever though. humans are shitty source of energy, imbalanced, low quality, low volume and dirty. If you want power, pull from the cosmos itself. It’s called pore breathing in qigong, and from there you want to learn your own internal energy systems to watch what the energy does, know how to store it, balance it and use it.


wow, thats really intresting, thanks to make it all clear, im going to seek more about it, thanks for all

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Well i do not agree with @Mulberry that there is no blood line of some specific known vampiric magicians and masters. Who are in these crafts called vampirism very established i just sugest geting the book of drauga drottin it is revealing. That the so called legend of the vampire has very well old european spiritual - cultic roots.

More i will not spoil or elaborate. Other than you can change yourself into an more vampiric predatory spirit, but to an level of an literal vampire who has the typical holywood maskara permanent i digress, other than your astral body wich goes on the hunt when it is propetly trained and conditioned to act like it(portrayed in holywood) .

But well nevers say never. This world is more biger than we think in our societal boxes…

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Vampirism has Celtic roots?

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Some form of it yes.

Well i think the practice of vampirism wasnt called back than vampirism. It is a modern therm.

There are certainly practices that would be perceived vampiric in nature.

Example offering blood to gods is universaly a vampiric practice for the gods to partake in.

The bloodline i am revering to is the vampiric strain or familys who where in the green lodge (the book) . I am not familiar if the old celtic spiritual paradigm has specificly concetrated vampiric practices.

But bram stocker who has brought these legends to life must have certainly a initiatic inspiration or expirience to describe such beings.

Maybe one of them had just sliped up and exposed itself public and whas remembered forever.:joy:

But well the vampire archetype is a very ancient one in our psyche revealing our own selfish predatory dark nature to be immortal and powerfull in a more sinister sense.

My take on it🤷🏻‍♂️



No, @Lux_Anguis may mean cultic? root, since they spelled it that way… they are not Celtic. Nothing in the Druid revivalist religion has a direct parallel.

The story of Dracula by Bram stoker was the first take that really popularised the idea of a romantic antihero vampire. That was complete fiction.

Before that, these come from the legend of the “revenants” in Slavic lore. These are really disgusting, undead, as in buried dead people come back, dug out of graves, bloated, rotting and smelly horrors, come to take thier lost wives and families back to the grave with them. In some versions, they were hungry ghosts that sucked the life out of their loved ones until the wasted away and died.

They were greatly feared and there is evidence today of graves being dug up and the corpses mutilated, decapitated, garlic put in the mouths and such. But a vampire was always a dead person, never alive, more like, zombies really. They used horses to try to identify vampire graves.

The draugr are Norse, but they are not vampires.
Arith Harger had a good video about shamanistic vampirism in the Norse history:


Yes! More revealed more to learn. Thank you for your time, well but i disagree that it whas complete fiction. The story is. The figure in it not so much.

How much are you familiar with some initiatic or magical practices related to vampirism?

I allready watched this its good explained. But is there really that much of an difference except for the brutality and easthetics, intelligence between these vampiric entitys-creatures other than they’re group names.

I am very familiar with what I call “real vampires”, and I’ve talked about this a few time here on BALG. I am an energy worker practicing qigong for 3 decades, and before I got into western occultism, spent a lot of time with older forums talking to real vampires.

According to the vampiric community, and this agrees with my energetic investigations of these unfortunate people, a real vampire is a human with a damaged energy system, such that they are unable to generate enough qi to stay healthy, and are unable to cultivate qi from non human sources easily. It helps them stay well to take human qi directly rather than struggle with converting cosmic and Earth qi like everybody else.

Any human can cultivate energy from any energetic sources, it’s not hard and not a secret, it doesn’t need a fancy story behind it or any special “bloodline” to make it work, it’s actually normal, and humans exchange energy naturally all the time. It’s practically a science, and indeed Chinese universities are far ahead of the west and publish papers on qigong.

Regarding “initiatic”, in the sense of “learn the basics”, I know how to heal so I know how to take. In he sense of "turning, I don’t believe there’s such a thing, unless you count closed orders that are basically using a form of ceremonial magick as a romantic wrapper around some really basic ideas for energy working. I’m not really the poetic type and I fnd tat kind of baggage, worse than being unnecessary, just gets in the way, for me… some people need a good story to get the ind in gear, and there’s nothing wrong with that, but I would caution about becoming attached to external ideas such that you can no long to your magick without them.

To be “turned” into a real vampire would mean damage your qi body so you are also restricted in the sources you can cultivate energy from, and I don’t know why anyone would do that by choice.

It’s like this, imagine you’re standing next to a clear waterfall, you can reach it and drink a much as you like easily and quickly, it’s cool and healthy… and ten next to the waterfall there’s a dirty puddle from the spray. Up comes a dude in a wheelchair, he can’t reach the clean water, so he takes from the puddle and says 'it’s ok I can filter it"… And he can and he stays thirsty and sick but alive… that’s a vampire, in my eyes. Someone who needs healing and help. :slight_smile:


A vampire is spezialized in general to feed energy. Be it mostly humans or other energy forms it is not only humans it can very well use these othere currents you mentioned.

The other type of damaged vampire beings are existing also… Unfortunately.

But it doesnt mean when one primeraly is an vampiric entity or is one, one has an qi damage or illnes thereof, its just one spezializes to be a hunter spiritualy than a cultivator in a sense.

I can understand when one keeps the self generating aspect to the side that that will suffer.

But it doesnt mean you damage yourself in becoming an vampire. You only empower yourself.

But when i recall the practices of Drauga drottin there is certainly a point where you cant turn back. It isnt mentioned as damage though but a certain pact you can make with its vampiric strain. When you do that you are bound to it forever and have this inprint and the essence of the preaccesors within you.

Well gn8

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Well, all humans feed… you say specialised, and I say broken. Since every human can behave vampirically, but real vampires can’t so what normal humans can do… We’ll have to agree to disagree :slight_smile:

The rest are normal humans developing psychic skills and claiming a title based on the skills they’ve developed.

The point is, it’s misleading to tell people they can’t develop these skills because they’re not in a cult, not “initiated”, don’t have speshul bloodline, or forgot to sing yankee doodle dandy while standing on thier heads on the last blood moon. :smiley:

That kind of dogma and blind is exactly why EA Koetting started BALG, to remove the gurus and gatekeepers to magick.

You didn’t hear me, ALL humans are “vampires”,y this definition… I’m a vampire, because I can take from other humans anywhere in thw world, it’s just qigong. I can heal them anywhere too, it’s the same only much more limited in application.

It’s completely normal to take and give energy to/with other humans, it’s literally how we work when our fields overlap. There is nothing special about being able to take energy from the dirty puddle. I think it’s dumb and unhealthy to do it on purpose, but it’s doable for anyone. Some like the ‘taste’, like humans energy is the poisoned, low nutrition junk food of energy cultivation.

That denies that we are living god in charge of ourselves and our own magick, and relationships… and I don’t believe that.

I’m with EA Koetting, that at our core, we are omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient immortal spirits, some of us are millions of years old. There’s no reason some backwoods human lore elaborated beyond being fanciful would prevent an ascended doing whatever they wanted. You have to choose to be this limited, it’s completely optional.

There’s no such thing as 'turning" You learn skills, which are tools, and you may choose to use them or not. They don’t define you, that are things you have, and what you do with that is your responsibility. :woman_shrugging:

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Totally factual that.:arrow_heading_up:

Not counting psychic vampires there are no vampires 🧛‍♂️

Whether there are bloodlines of psychic vampires or not could be debated until the end of time if one was so inclined.

The common thought is that anyone can be a psychic vampire & vampirize someone psychically so if anyone and everyone can do it then my take from the fact that anyone can vampirize someone psychically that means there no bloodlines required (so therefore vampire bloodlines period IMHO).


Vampiric bloodlines are real but ultimately there is a difference between what most people see as vampirism and what these bloodlines are. Majority of vampires are just parasites with damaged systems unable to generate the normal energy they need and so need to draw off external sources that have already been formatted for them. Those in bloodlines tend to be more spiritual bloodlines that carry power in them than physical though I have seen it passes on genetically as well.

Vampire is probably not an accurate term for this but it is the most well known and easy to apply but in truth they are one of two things I’ve noticed and that is either beings that have had their souls heavily modified and sometimes connected to a shared pool of power this is similar to what sees in some lineages of magicians and sorcerers when you are initiated into their family. Others are in a symbiotic relationship with spirits that grant them power in exchange for food easiest pop culture for this would be Venom for example.

The ones that have been modified tend to be most powerful and fine tune these adaptions over generations in their family lines and it is really a matter of selective breeding at that point to bring in new blood of naturally powerful or receptive people and adapt those traits. Though I would say the power and modifications are akin to say Native skinwalkers, Eastern immortals, and so on just difference variants and stages of develop towards the same general end. To those sensitive these types of vampires ironically appear as higher beings or incarnated gods. I’ve seen people mistake them for angels or full demons of the more violent and malicious sort based on mood.


My reply is acting wack, this isn’t to you Mulbery just to the topic generally (its showing me that the reply is going to you that’s why I’m saying it’s not directed to you specifically cuz my phones saying it is )

1 small thing to considerer when you bring vampire myths and legends of Europe and other places into the mix.

Way back in ancient olden times they didn’t have ecg’s eeg’s heart monitors etc.

People sometimes got buried alive.

If they were lucky they dug their way out of the grave and because of those occurrences the myths took root.

Reality however was it wasn’t the undead they were encountering it was a half crazed human being who had the misfortune of being buried alive.

Add: my phone lied go figure. It didn’t show up as being to mulberry after all.


Some witches like to say they are blood line as well, we’ll also have to agree to disagree that this is real. The information in the DNA is too mixed up for it to matter, so everyone is related to everyone, making this meaningless…

There was a point after one of the many extinction events that this ridiculously unstable planet has, when there were an estimated 5000 humans left alive. We were an endangered species… it’s impossible not to be related. (Not forgetting that we share 99 percent of out DNA with pigs, and 98 wit chimps… :woman_shrugging: Family DNA means not that much. )

But even if we suspend this idea and say, some families learned a technique, and that energy got saved in the DNA, so it was easier for thier children to learn the same techniques… If the families learned it once for the first time, anyone can learn it again, there’s nothing in the DNA that stops that.

I would say it’s still easier for all to learn it, through the human collective unconscious because of their work… There are no secrets, because we are and always have been connected throughout time.


These are both difficult examples, because both these learn the skills, they are not family based or restricted, and took years, and in the case of skinwalker unspeakable sacrifices (unspeakable by forum rules, seriously, don’t talk about it :slight_smile: ) to gain them.

Eastern immortals aren’t born they make themselves, and so do we.

There’s some really good stories about these for anyone interested.

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It is more the fact that a refined soul and energy system further refines the body and thus the products of that body including children. Take qigong or probably more accurately neigong for example. The internal alchemy refines the body’s energy system and thus the body to the point that in some monks and mystics strange materials can be found in their bodies and those that master skills that fortify their body beyond normal human limit. When such reproduces that energy produces higher quality energy and thus higher quality energy systems in the child that more often than not result in a more refined soul inhabiting that body that is in tune with that system and energy. The soul has its own form of genetics that inevitably influence the physical and mental just as the physical can influence the soul and mind.

Keep in mind at certain points one ceases to be connected to the standard levels of the collective human mind elevating beyond what the general collective can access. Generally why you won’t see a novice accessing information from that source that tells them how to perform advanced feats and in terms of the soul a nonhuman soul can inhabit a human body rather well though nonhuman tends to have more to do with the patterns of format of the energy.

You also inevitably end up with tales of the children of various gods and these immortals in various forms displaying far more ability than would be average. Ultimately if one is determined all this can be learned and programmed into your own system but it of course does take time varying by person. Some ore starts out more pure than others.


First of all i didnt write that it is a fixed requirement to join a bloodline nor strain to be a vampire or to be more vampiric. But it certainly can help. Who says its limiting? Its just really the imprint you get into that once in it is when posible really hard to get out from.

That it is a form of qigong, when i think about it kinda yes. Its just like a knife you decide if you cut bread or kill with it.

In the figure of Dracula of Bram Stocker is based on the prince Dracul or Dracula(Just get the book i really dont want to spoil it) wich whom shouldve been in a in nature, a vampiric cultus and the form of inpaling people whas in theyre rites a form of sacrifice and or comunion with theyre god called zalmoxis (according to them the ancient vampire)

Me personally:

I practice vampirism. And i call it vampirism bc its an mostly than not more violent way to take energy or especialy stealthy way depends on intent.And mightier in taking than giving or cultivating.

Some humans are dirty yes what we gonna do about it…for example take these toxins alchemycaly change them into your black flame energy and store it into your, with time established black core, use it later for a toxic attack or just Strenghten your own darker and toxic site. Peoples poison is our strenght. We turn them into strenght trough internal alchemy of an black magician.

The rest is just here to strenghten us everlastingly spiritualy, mentaly, physically.

I practice it nearly 2 years and i only have gotten stronger everyday and everywhere and bether. The cons i have eradicated trough learning inner alchemy.


The archetype and symbol the entity of the vampire is ancient and rooted in our desire to be immortal and powerfull in a more sinister and selfish sense. It is this power symbol and being we focus upon and fix ourselves to, to attain mastery over life and its energys, perhaps more twisted and darker what an qigong master does or other spiritual aspirants and gurus.

To choose this way of mastering life depends on ones own charakter and taste so to say.

Ive found it intruiging and fitting to my own overal portofolio of black magic practice so i do it.

And have never regret it nor i feel bad about it nor from it.