Question about using Runes and Rune Staves for cosmetic purposes

Would it have any effect to wear runes or rune staves on, say, a shirt if that was not the intent?

As with demon sigils and crosses, it depends on who uses the symbols.

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Some staves where tattooed on the flesh, so I’d say no.

Though, I’d not make them visible, others may.

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Occultists tend to forget that the runes were foremost a written alphabet. You can just write shit. The Norse wrote grocery lists in runes, dick jokes on cave walls with runes, and there is an archeological example of a wife sending a note to her husband telling him to bring his ass home from the bar…written in runes. So go nuts.


No, just look at the bluetooth symbol


Hello !
I would actually say the same.

If it was about a tatoo with the intent of using the energy of the rune for your own life i’d say to be careful.

But using one on a tshirt or anything because it looks cool and only for that reason should be quite safe. As Banjax said it was mainly an alphabet. Hope it helped, even if i find this topic quite late.