Question about universal circle

Hello everyone I have a quick question. Once you have the universal circle do you have to charge it some how or can you jump right into evocation? If you do have you charge it how would you go about doing it?

You can just jump right in if you’d like. Alternatively you could charge it with energy specific to what ever ritual you are doing.
To do this you’ll want to form the energy within yourself then just channel it into the circle ( in the same way you’d channel a spell towards someone ).

EA has a video where he describes binding the UC to you with a few smears of blood. That’s what I did with mine. If you don’t feel like doing that, then you can use the circle as is.

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If you go to the search above and type in the name hyroth you’ll see loads of older posts about the spirit bound to the UC, and threads in general about it - meant to reply before but the name slipped my mind.

Thank you all for your help and answers. I ordered the universal circle a few days ago and I am very excited to begin working with it.

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