Question about U.C Malzaz Hyroth and Sigil

Hello Fellow Balgers,

i just bought Djinn Rulers Sorcery book. with the ritual i must look (not per se gaze) at the Sigil of Sallos, when i feel a contact i should ask Sallos to bring a specific Djinn Ruler, state my request.

i was wondering two things.

  1. can i replace Sallos with Malzaz Hyroth, would that more benefical?

So instead of using the Sigil of Sallos, i chant the name of Malzaz Hyroth until i feel a connection. I have not come across a sigil of Malzaz Hyroth
otherwise i should use a sigil of Malzaz Hyroth

  1. If i use a universal circle would that increase the possibility to connect with Sallos / Malzaz Hyroth and with a Djinn rule?

i know that the U.C is for evocations but this ritual dont require a evocation.

I do not have the universal circle and I don’t know the Spirit you mentioned. So this answer may seem inappropriate to you.
But in my opinion, Magick is about your Will, and experimenting is key in discovering.
You might want to do a divination (whichever method you prefer) to see if your idea has a chance of success and then decide whether or not you perform it.
Sometimes (or often) you just gotta do it to see what it’s like. And if you have, you might want to report your experiences here so another member can learn from it.

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