Question about the Universal circle

Im a Wiccan and I cast circles before I cast a spell or do a ritual, is this universal circle a substitute to casting a circle? Then again I am new to all of this I just recently started on my wiccan path and still have much to learn (obviously, since I don’t know the answer to my own question.)

Earth’s Newest And Most Powerful Magick Circle

Before I use my UC in ritual I sprinkle charged salt water around the circle while doing circumamulations and stating my intent or saying incantations if I’m working with a spirit.

If you even understood what you were doing in your ‘casting of a circle’, presuming you were doing it properly, you’d be able to answer that question for yourself. But then 90% of Wicca covens are regurgitating half-baked folklore and Crowleyan distortions in an empty caricature of a tradition neither they nor he ever understood.

If you don’t know, maybe you could try evoking Alashaz of the Black Lamp, the librarian of the vaults of K’n Tarratur, to find out the secret knowledge about circles. He is among the legions of the ancient Semtiic god Adramelech. I have my own suspicions of the origins of the Universal Circle …

To call him you need a blank book and a bottle of rum. Prepare your evocation ritual as usual. When you are ready, write your name upon the first page in your own blood …

Now sprinkle the rum on the first page of the book, and then tear it out in one go, crumpled it up, and throw it on the coals. When it ignites begin chanting

Henta, henta
Alfaz kalku
Materazu, ifaz talzu
K’n Tarra, tarra
Temeprata, temeperur
Alash salah ifaz maltu!

Keep tearing pages from the book and burning them as before as you head toward the crossroads. The spirit will come, and he will ask you, quite infuriated, why you are burning your book. Answer him correctly and all knowledge can be yours …