Question about the Modern Goetic Grimoire by Rufus Opus

My joy was short lived after discovering this book, at first it seemed like an answer to my question but theres couple of things I need to clarify:

GOD > RUFUS > WORKERS > 10 SPHERES each governed by 7 planets, first one has 12 zodiac…

Can someone clarify this, what is RUFUS, who are the workers…

Lets say if I draw the magic circle with all the holy names on it, and just meditate in the middle of it, would I be able to attain inner peace ?

Once thing you have to understand about Rufus Opus, is that he is a Christian magician, so his books reflect that worldview.

I haven’t read the Modern Goetic Grimoire, but I have read Seven Spheres, and the Modern Angelic Grimoire.

Please have a look at his “Process of Manifestation” on 8th page, in the next few pages he basically says:

There is 1 GOD, and then there is LOGOS (which is word) and then there are WORKERS, and then INTELLIGENCEs… Thats the confusing bit…

I would love someone to draw a diagram, similar to his blank magic circle where he writes all the holy names, I want to know how this whole structure is set up.
You said he is Christian, how can an occultist be Christian, isnt Bible written in code, its all about astrology and the occult anyway.

The God, some write is G-d which is wierd, anyways this God is everywhere, so is number is 9, its everywhere, so is energy, it is everywhere, E=mc2, everygy cannot be destroyed, only transformed.

Please have a look at the pages 8 to 12 or so, I really want to know what he means by NeoPlatonist Cosmology, SO theres GOD, then LOGOS (whatever that means, apparently when God made man we played with out brother LOGOS) and then WORKERS, then intelligences (archangels)

This is all very confusing

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It is not a site, just a file-share tool which I uploaded a file from my Computer, a book I want to share. Whats wrong with that? We can share all this knowledge from our brain but not from our computers?

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He’s a Thelemite.

No, he’s not. He says right in his books that he is a Christian, and never mentions Crowley even once. lol

Yes. He is. I was friends with him. Read his blog.