Question about the BOA: Is A circle required?

Is the circle of demonic pacts required? I have a Solomonic Circle for working with Solomonic evocation, but I hardly think that’s appropriate for the obviously totally demonic orientated evocations of the Book of Azazel. And I’m in a spot where I can’t really get some canvas or w/e to make a CoDP. Could I use an astral circle instead? Or what about a Demonolatry circle?
For those of you who don’t know what a demonolatry circle is, it’s a magic circle created by drawing at the four quarters the “DZ sigil” (called such because it looks like a d and z intertwined circled) while vibrating the “enn” (a special invocation that invokes the power of the demon it belongs to, allegedly in the demonic language. Example; Lucifer’s enn is Renich Tasa Uberaca Biasa Icar Lucifer). The charged sigil is visualized in the elemental color or a color suited to the demon invoked.
A basic Demonolatry Circle invokes Lucifer, Belial, Leviathan Flereous, and Satan at the four elemental points and Satan from the center as the Hermetic All-IN-All. This can be deviated from to invoke different daemons if so desired.
So might this be used in place of a physical CoDP (with the enns for the Demons from the CoDP vibrated for the demonolatry circle instead of the usual elementals)?

The few times I have worked with the BOA entities I have used a simple black circle painted onto a white backgroud, no dramas

i don’t even use a physical circle most of the time. if i’m only evoking one entity, i’ll just use an astral circle. very plain, and only about 4 ft. across (limited for space).

when i did my lake of fire ritual, i used a simple salt circle because it was quick and easy, 6 ft diameter. that was because i didn’t want to have to concentrate on maintaining a circle when i had four daemons simultaneously evoked.

as long as you like it, go ahead and use it. if it doesn’t work, then maybe think of changing it up a little.


Thanks guys. I appreciate it.

But I read in another post that circles are not necessary. Now I’m confused.

It goes back to my point about the circle being a psychological construct in the thread you’re mentioning ixchel. It sets the intention for the working and is a rather defining part of the book. While not completely the authors invention he really managed to take a little spoken of ritual implement and gave it a new edgy and innovative voice. The circle of demonic pacts has a personality and style all its own compared to the typical interchangeable take it or leave it traditional circle that pagans/occultists use in almost every manner their mind can conceive. It has a specific purpose in the BOA that is almost crucial to the readers initial steps into that paradigm. EA while not needing a circle himself and actually previously writing a book illustrating the point that magicians intent on taking their ascent to the highest levels possible at some point do learn that they can work without it still uses the circle of pacts in some of his rituals because of the power and functionality imbued within it. While not necessary to evoke any entity, at least making one and giving it a go to see what value it can bring you after giving some research to its purpose and attributes would prove beneficial to anyone working with the BOA in my opinion.

I understand. Thanks