Question about the black sun (dream) (long)

So first of all, a little backround. (If you can call it ). So it was a while ago from my first posts in this forum. I’ll be honest I was embaressed on writing, or answering the coments. Sorry. So probably I progressed? Now I work with Lilith and King Paimon. I am not working directly, more on meditating on them for now. Developing some clairsences. Found my spirit guide. Also I think Lilith introduced me to my origin or past life. But enough of this. Let’s get to the topic. So I had a dream about the sun:

  1. So I was kind of a beeing. Maybe an angel, and I was transforming trough different forms. It feels that first I transformed trough all the 4 elements. Then I transformed to some kind of purple beeing. Like electricity. Then from the universe fell two balls. One on me and other on an other. When it fell on me, I saw images of the black sun. And I said: “I don’t need the black sun. I am already am the black sun.” So I understood that I transformed to the black sun. Not physically, but maybe I got the properties and my body probably changed.

Maybe this doesn’t say much, but it’s weird for me to dream about the sun. Then I went on the forum to look for information on the black sun, there are a lot of inputs. I saw a lot of meditations on the forum, and felt that I would want to try the meditations but I didn’t listen to the feeling. In the evening during Lilith’s meditation I thought what the dream could mean if anything at all. And then I heard: “Don’t focus on us, focus on the black sun. It will help with your confidence.” I was confused, because I have a hard time on trusting what I see or hear. Worst part I don’t have intuition on these things so you can say I am “blind” in this. Then I thought: if I would get another dream about this then maybe. Because you know that dream could be a coincidence. It wasn’t directly a dream but…

  1. I was darkness, but also the light. With the light I killed 144000 demons. In the night I protected myself with my dark powers. I was engaged to a king. He was scared: “You’re the darkness…” “Yes, I am. But I"m also the light”. First dream was like this. I had second dream, which I don’t remember, but I know it wasn’t about the sun. Then I woke up and said: “I am from the black sun.” And fell asleep again.

Something like this. I am sorry if this is stupid but I would want to hear your opinions on this. Sorry for the long post.


Sounds like the spirits showed you something to help with your magick. Maybe try meditating on it more and see what happens.


Yeah, I started meditating on it yesterday. For now I felt only shivers.

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