Question about spirits?

Hypothetically what kind of entity could power a device that ran out of batteries?
Like I guess a tv remote, or turning on a toy that ran out of battery power, etc.
That would probably be a demon right? Because ghosts aren’t that strong? Or I guess what would you suggest it is? Something is in my house.

Sorry, wrong answer. Lesser demons yes, vengeful spirits could be.

It could be a lot of things. I disagree with the dead not being strong enough personally. Demons often get credit for things like that, but there are also land spirits that can as well. I imagine angels could as well, so could gods. Or there could’ve been more battery juice than you thought (not meaning to be insulting, but it can be overlooked. I’ve done this myself in the past). What else is going on that makes you think that something is in your house.

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It’s grabbed me before
I’ve felt like something is sitting on my chest at night
Sometimes if I go into a room it feels like something is watching me
Various weird occurrences that I saw while sober and yet sound made up

Do you feel it is out to harm you?

Not really
I looked in the threads about incubus spirits and stuff but idk if it’s that because I didn’t like invite it into my house
It kindof has that vibe though
Which is kindof weird

Seek out Archangel Michael or Lucifer for protection. Invoking powerful spirits like him will make these lesser spirits be threaten and leave you in peace.

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I do not believe that spirits necessarily need permission to enter a place. It doesn’t really make sense for a being that walks on a different plane to have those restrictions unless someone makes those boundaries. If you are getting that bibe of it wanting to hurt you, it would be best to show it out the door just to be on the safe side. I would recommend looking into protection and banishment magic. Archangel Michael is definitely a wise choice, as well as Baal and Pazuzu. There is a thread on petition magic to ask for aid from other spirits.

A bit more of a less safe idea would be to try to get more of a feel from the spirit, as you seem unsure. It will discern whether or not it is malicious towards you and what you are dealing with. It’s your choice

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Doesn’t sound like incubus spirits to me.

I second the Archangel Michael suggestion of the other posters. IME, he came and delivered quickly when all I did was to just deeply focus and silently pray to him, no proper rituals or anything.

He also used to check up on me after I’ve called him the first time. He looked out and protected me throughout the not-so-good times in the past. :slight_smile:

This too, some spirits or what we used to call as “guardian angel” when we were kids has their way of communicating with us, even if its to the point of torturing us. Especially if you’re not doing the exact thing they want you to do. The more you wont listen, the more they’ll try to get your attention. So yes, like Tiberius said you should probably determine if that spirit is friendly or hostile before banishing him/her.

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Ghosts are lingering energy without sentience caught in a loop of their passing, unless the person literally chose to not move on and wander for a while.

Any entity could do that but this seems more like a mundane thing rather than entity.