Question about spirits/demons

Hi All,
Thanks you Lady Eva, Bran, Illustrious and all the others who are constantly contributing to this forum to help our guys like us.

As I am starting out and I am now a proud own of EA’s first course Masting Divination. Hope to learn lot from it.

You can call me ignorant or whatever…but I am going to ask these silly questions for knowledge sake of myself and my borhters and sistes who are new to this.

  1. For example if personA has evoked spirtA and personb has spritA, so how many spritAs out there, can they all work at the same time.

  2. it says in the thread that people use water, whiskey to feed those spirits/demons, do they really drink it or how it happens

  3. how often do you guys feed them, do they ask for it or you told them their feeding schedule ???

  4. do spirts/demons do the work at your will or specific times ??


A spirit can manifest in a million different circles in front of a million different magicians. They are not constrained by time and space. As for offerings, it depends on the type of spirit and the system you are using. Personally, I do not make offerings, though if a spirit asks for something in order to accomplish the task I set then I am inclined to do so. Jason Miller, in his books, recommends general offerings to the spirits hanging about, but I feel it is up to you. And you are not feeding them so much as paying them for their effort on your behalf in my opinion. I could be wrong.

1.) It depends on the type of spirit. In some cases, there are large number of spirits who go by that name and you get one from those legions.

2.) You leave them out and the spirits drain the vital energy of it. The drinks are not physically touched.

3.) You call the spirit and give them offerings. One a week to build a relationship. You may give additional offerings for workings.

4.) It depends on the situation.

Feed your spirits. Those who don’t are doing it for free. They have zero obligation to do crap for you and can easily turn on you.

As Darkest Knight said, many exist a little outside our linear spacetime perception and can be attending, so to speak, multiple different locations at once, so if you and I both summoned the same spirit at the same clocktime, he’d not put one of us on “call-waiting” while the other got personal attention, he could be present in both locations simultaneously.

If you think about it, the You who was awake and aware at breakfast yesterday morning was just as real and complete as the You reading this now, and yet that former You’s nowhere to be found, he’s not still sitting at the table drinking coffee or whatever.

They seem to have their axes of spacetime set different to ours, our multiple selves seem to “flow along” linear time with a single point of awareness, theirs are different. JMO anyway.

As Euoi said, that might be different depending on the level of the spirit but I don’t think the higher-level spirits, like demons, angels and gods, have any problems splitting their consciousness/awareness, without any loss of function.

I’ve asked myself that very question a lot of times, and I believe it’s because of our present perception of our physical universe (in wich we only see what we have in front of us). We have to switch mindset to make sense.

In many texts they talk about the Universe as a kind of radio with many frequencies and any being has its own (be it spirit, human, animal, or thing), so again my opinion is when we evoke we atune with the energy/spirit we look for, wich is in a unbounded “space/time” different from our beloved Earth. This way many people can “atune” to the same energy at the same moment.

For example telepathy, the idea is we are contacting someone on the other side of the planet (for example) without being physically there. How do we do that? How are we on 2 places? We gotta switch mindset to understand there are more laws besides physicall to make sense on this skill.

Imagine thousands of people thinking of you, atuning to you, that’s what we do with rock stars when we evoke them, and we get a sense of him/her everytime, of his/her powers.

I agree with Euoi in all points, yet I add to the 4th one, for me they start working from the very moment you perform the ritual, even it might manifest months later. As one ritual I did, of protection wich took 3 months to finally manifest physical results in front of me, yet I got news from someone (spirits sending messages through 3rd parties) that things started moving same month I started with the ritual

#2 Drain the vital energy perhaps, but they can also change it. Bless it, in essence. Sometimes as a gift after the ritual is complete. Imbue it with healing, or joy, etc. Altering the way it is metabolized during the ritual (if you are joining them in refreshment) is also possible. And I love them for it!

Hey , there’s a lot to be said but I’ll keep it short. Hope it helps:

  1. They are less restricted by space/time than we are.
  2. They use liquids as an energy source like we do. From what I gather they use it to travel with as well.
  3. My spirits like clean filtered water in glasses by the kitchen sink.
    4.The more willpower you put into them doing something for you , the better the results. In my opinion they do it at specific times because of the planets and tides and how much the earth’s energy can be used in combination with your will.

Their minds aren’t restricted to one thought at a time, like ours

Yeah, that’s the curse we men are tied to, one thought only usually or so they say… Ermmm, not my case blushes

Thank you all for all the info.


Think of a television station at a specific address. Millions of people turn it on and tune in to a specific channel and they all see the same guy in their living room reading the news to them. The guy is still in his full conscious self reading the news live to all of them. The only difference is, with the spirit you have the ability to manipulate it to do whatever you and he agree to… Well, that’s the way I understand it.