Question about Spirits and Omnipresence

Are all spirits omnipresent?


all spirits can bi-locate (just another way of being in multiple places/projections at once) just as we can, but not all spirits learn to do it or care to do it. I do not believe they are omnipresent. I do not believe any entity is, but nigh-omnipresent definitely when they want to be.


I agree they definitely are not all omnipresent, though I’m not sure that none are. An example I can give is my ubi. The first time I projected to him, I asked about the common thought that they can know everything you’ve ever experienced, and everything you think etc.

He told me no, he only gets thoughts directed at him, when he’s with me. So he doesn’t even get all of my thoughts when he’s with me, is the way I took it. It’s more of the ones that I want him to get, or have intentions of him getting.

So I mean, usually when I’m summoning I direct the conversation at a spirit, but I have to assume, if they are not with me, they are not reading my mind or knowing everything going on. That doesn’t mean that they couldn’t tap into my mind perhaps, if they had some want to I guess but I don’t think they just are everywhere and know everything for the most part, personally. I mean hell. Why would Samedi and Azazel, lurk in the background watching, before making themselves known, if they already know it all?

Maybe I’m missing a beat, and I’ll eventually learn different though.


I think some of the deities and spirits associated with dissolution and ego death are. Kali Ma, Tiamat, Satan (from the qliphoth), Belphegor (from the qliphoth) and Hecate (depends on the aspect) are a few I can think of.

Invoking one of these spirits and experiencing ego death while they’re in control of the experience will give you the feeling and understanding that they’re omnipresent amongst other things.

I’m not the first person to come up with this but that’s just my 2 cents on the topic.

This is very relivent to the theory within theoretical physics & observable states of matter & energy & how this has been demonstrated through the studies & math developed from those studies in relation to the Higgs Bonzan Particle.

Matter, at any state, can bi-polarly exist, at faster than light travel & communications between each eather (in any direction; over vast difference across even the obsservable & thearised Universe) at the most fundamental levels that we know of & have observed … similtatiously & seemingly instentaniously in any consevable & random pattern, form & direction.

By this theory one can then see how teliportation could not only be possible, but also multidimensional, & dule polar cross existence & travel (such as you simply explained far more clearly than I did).

Though I don’t believe in Spirits, I do find it an interesting intellectual pump to think of pure energy beings (and even humans) in order to workout these thought experiments (as I suck at Math with numerical values, but very skilled at logic theory).


People talk about this and fantasize about this like it is some fun thing to do as a weekend science experiment. It is not. I went to hell and back people. I want you to get that. There was quantum physics involved and a teleporting cell phone (or should I say hell phone) on another plane.

Lucifer can drag you to his fucked up technology world where technology controls people and people abuse technology to control others. There is also a hell world where dead people are in proprietary robot bodies licensed by the government, they can’t reproduce and when parts wear out that is it when you can’t replace them anymore.

I got off in some kind of in-between state. I have to figure out Astaroths bullshit directions for making some kind of personalized philosophers stone.

I don’t know exactly what my husband went through, but he is very burnt out from it.


Sounds like real life.


I don’t think so.

Lol what.


It’s rather complicated. I would not say that spirits are omnipresent, but their relationship with time and space is different to ours.

We are trapped particularly in the fourth dimension, which is time. For us, it is like being on a moving train, we all have to travel at the same steady pace and can’t get off without killing ourselves. Spirits, deities in particular, don’t have the same limitations. Gods are essentially higher-dimensional beings, they can enter any point in spacetime at will and manipulate events accordingly. From their perspective, our reality is more like a computer game that they can go in and out of as they choose. That is why they can appear and disappear at will, see the past and future, travel in time and across great distances, in an instant. It is also why they are effectively immortal, time simply doesn’t affect them the way it does us. When it is just another dimension of the many that they can access, it can easily be traversed back and forth or ignored altogether.

To use a visual analogy, we are stuck on the train on one track, going round and round forever ( a single dimension of time, with only one direction of travel, so really, only half a dimension at best), whereas they can go wherever the fuck they want on the landscape, with no limitation.

This BTW has all been predicted by String Theory and particularly one of its main proponents, Michio Kaku, the famous physicist, who wrote about the characteristics of higher-dimensional beings in both his essays and his books. Coincidence or not, his descriptions are pretty close to how gods are described in ancient texts.

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:sweat_smile: I only liked this because I about pissed myself laughing … :joy: but honestly I feel for you hun’ … :thinking: I fear you may need help.

Perhaps see a skilled & licensed therapist & possibly look into some meds🥺.

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From divination I have seen that spirits are not necessarily physical in their realm like how we are. So I can understand if time can work different for them. But it’s hard to say exactly.

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You’ve given me ideas for satire

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They’re physical in their realm how we are here, however, we can only compare humans to animals, to insects.

Their plane is different, an elemental is not as physical as a demon or angel, and fae of various races vary in their physical beings as well so they have a plethora of beings of various different comparisons. Angels bleed, demons bleed, elementals don’t bleed, so while they are physical like we are to a degree not all of them are. Also taking into account their density is faster vibrating than our own but they are adjusted to it as we are to our own and as we project our energy bodies adjust to theirs.

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Now that I think about it, I think most of us have experienced time flowing both ways. As in, magick we have done in the future has affected our lives currently. I think that alone shows that time works quite differently for spirits, and for the current of magick itself.

I never experienced that but then again I don’t believe the future exists as that would mean the future to a good degree is written in stone. While I do believe in cause and effect as in the choices you make lead to the consequences of those choices that’s a short distance in the future rather than far off into the future.

From experience with Geomancy I’ve been pretty on and off with that idea. I can only think of two readings from my experience where the chart itself was wrong, as far as I have seen. Otherwise I have seen events that occur years in the future that were accurate. So I don’t know if things are really so choice-based as they seem (Well, that may also be true in the realm of physics as it relates to free will, with theories such as Hard Determinism). Currently I feel that some things are fated to happen while others aren’t, but thinking back to Geomancy I wonder about even smaller things as well. Experimenting with Horary Astrology also brought on some re-evaluations like that as well.

Regarding that, I think you’ll more likely experience what I mean when you take on a very long set of workings (Over the span of months or a year).

I’ve been doing this path for almost 2 decades :laughing:

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Not necessarily a path as I also would not have noticed, but I mean more dedicated ritual workings (Making the decision to pursue the long set of workings beforehand)

As a note, looking back at those readings, scratch that as well.