Question about somewhat visions and some other questions

Ok so as you guys know I have strange experiences (reference to my post about one of the visions I’ve had.)
I don’t know if this is something that goes with my third eye being stimulated for say or spirits doing this or just plain thoughts . The thing is sometimes I’ll be working on a puzzle , watching a YouTube video , or even just sitting around doing nothing and I’ll see either a sigil , how some spirit is said to look like (like I’ll see an image of King Paimon or Lucifer , I see them the most) . And I have had weird visions that took over my full reality like were I was there … Like the one where I was walking to my room and then got pushed on my bed and you know … got feelings … it was a unconscious thought (Which King Paimon explained to me during a guided meditation …which was at the point where I could ask him something… And yes I’m talking about the one where you also shake his hand [and I know about that post]) But these visions are like in my head but I can still see it like it is from my physical vision … So I could be sitting and working on something like I said and then I’ll ‘see’ I spirit in my head … What do you guys think ?
Also , (my other question) When I evoke Lucifer (who I have worked with more than King Paimon) I cannot hear or see him but I notice his energy but When I evoke King Paimon I can see him and hear him … well his voice sometimes cuts out but it is still there … and I see like the whole nine yards when I see King Paimon , I’ll see him in red silk (looks like silk I think it is) He has his crown and a red silk hood … He also has his camel which has the red silk and his sigil on that silk in gold… then he’ll get up and walk to his throne which was made of snakes … like all different kinds and two gold cobras at the side (kinda like arm rests) and there being 9 feet tall familiars in white genie like outfits with curved horns… (They make me look tiny since I’m 5’3 or 5’4) and yeah then there’s a warm feeling like I’m in a desert and I’ll see palm trees and a pyramid like the ones of Giza …yet get this I have only really felt his energy once … which was when I shook his hand … The energy was strong … and it felt real … But see with Lucifer (if I see anything) I see either a figure in a black cloak with either a comedy or tragedy mask or him with the emo like hair cut and blue eyes last time I remember seeing one of those vision like things … I mean the only time I have heard a voice that sounded like it would be Lucifer … I don’t think it was … Since recently I went to a spiritual store with my mother (and I got a stone to help with my third eye) but the thing that got me was what she told me when we came home then left to do other things…and she told me somethings that caught my attention …She said she thought there was shadow people which were affecting me from sleeping at night which I guess is kinda true since I sleep at 5AM and wake up at 12 or 1 PM … unless I have other things them it is 2-3 AM to 6:40 AM … Then she said that she has seen people at funerals that were dead doing things like walking around and stuff which I find a little weird … yet interesting … Now two of my cousins and her have both told me that they have seen a spirit of a woman in a white dress … best I remember them saying … The painting (as shown below)

Then I started to feel negative energy when I go around it but it never really affected me until late December last year (2017) and that’s when I started fighting depression and thoughts of suicide … I had cut myself because of it … I stopped for a while … but then I started back doing it for two months almost every night… I have stopped for now … but I think I know what it is … I think there is a negative spirit but I can’t banish it until I get rid of the painting … I remember flipping the bird on that painting a few times … but I’ve always seen a shadow person a few minutes after … They scare me … I can’t burn sage since everybody would complain , I can’t do anything like that … Do you guys know if you could tell me what I could do spell wise … I can’t deal with the malevolent spirit or spirits anymore… any ideas ?


That was really hard to read. I think your thoughts are a jumbled, barely coherent mess reflecting the state you’re in.


  1. you get clairvoyant visions of the spirits you communicate with… cool beans. Not weird, not here anyway. Keep it up and start using those to get into full conversations maybe.

  2. Some of your family can see spirits. They’re probably natural mediums. They told you they saw shadow people and spirits around you but you haven’t seen them until after they suggested that to you. Not enough info to say, but believe nothing you hear and only half you see. Non-magicians can get silly with these things when really they’re quite normal and most of the time are harmless.

  3. You think they might be interfering with your sleep? But you have permanent jet lag, which is a bigger issue.
    I suggest you fix your circadian rhythm since it bothers you. Try a 10mg melatonin supplement and self discipline, and going to bed lights out on time, no screens for an hour before bed. Then make up your mind.

  4. Something about that picture, the picture is haunted and making you depressed? Your sleep deprivation will do that though - 5-7 hours a night is nowhere near enough.

Really I do think you absolutely must address your sleeping habits before you look for paranormal causes, that by itself can make you crazy and hallucinate all this, and definitely make you very susceptible to suggestion by family. It will also give you so much stress you get depressed, suicidal and easily overwhelmed.

If you’ve got spirits bothering you, you can’t deal with them in a weakened mental and emotional state. Take care of your health and make yourself strong, first, then you can accurately judge the woods from the trees.

(And if you could break up long posts with extra paragraphs in future, and maybe use periods too, that would be really helpful and might help you keep your thoughts intact while you write.)


Thanks. And sorry my grammer is shit…

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It’s not that, I’m just worried you’re not right… I imagine you talking like that and it’s sounds manic and out of control. If that’s normal for you then don’t sweat it :smiley: