Question about something that's been happening to me lately

hey there!!

so i’ll just start off with saying that i’m pretty new to magick. i started my journey down the LHP a few months ago learning about invocation/evocation, different demons, magick in general, etc.

about 2 weeks ago is when i attempted my first ever evocation with Lucifer. i essentially asked him to guide me with opening my astral senses and third eye so that i could be able to hear spirits and feel their energies whenever they’re around.

the day after that, i was meditating during a thunderstorm and started focusing on Lucifer, his name and sigil clearly in my mind. i said out loud something along the lines of “i wish to be able to hear you and feel your energy”, and right after i said that a HUGE crash of thunder came down, like it was the loudest and most powerful one during the entirety of the storm. i can’t help but think that this was a response from him.

and NOW is when some weird stuff has been going on, but i’m not sure if its directly connected to my evocation to Lucifer or not… 3 days ago a good friend of mine (also a past/possibly current love interest i had gotten into a fight with 6 or 7 months ago) randomly messaged me and called me out of nowhere. we had a long talk about a lot of stuff but our conversation was as if we had never even had that fight.

the very next day (yesterday) i got a message from an ex i hadn’t talked to in over 3 years (things ended kinda badly so we never spoke to each other after the breakup.) he called me and said he just wanted to check up on me and see how i’ve been doing. we actually had a pleasant talk for a few hours.

AND TODAY i got a friend request on facebook from the very first boyfriend i ever had, and the last time i talked to him was at a friend’s party over 6 years ago.

this is way too specific to just be a coincidence. 3 days in a row one of my past love interests contacts me. i can’t tell what to make of this. could another spirit or demon be causing this??? is this some weird way Lucifer is trying to give me an answer??? i don’t see how it could relate to what i asked of him though. i’m very confused and would love to hear what you guys have to say!

thanks for reading!!! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Very interesting story.
I remember, the name “Lucifer”, itself, being associated with Venus, which is strongly associated with Love.

That’s all I can give, as an explanation.


yeah i can see the connection there. it’s just so bizarre to me, mainly because i’m a newbie to all this and the shock is setting in that this is all real and doable, but from all the forums i’ve read about people working with Lucifer their results seemed pretty straightforward. but i’m definitely practicing every day and working toward my goals to start working with him!

thanks for your input!! :purple_heart:


i would like to hear what anyone else thinks about this! i’m currently going to try another evocation to Lucifer :nerd_face:

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