Question about sigil

I was retrieving my sigil of Lilith to meditate with. When i picked it up i had it facing up with my hand underneath it. It felt hot in my hand, like radiating heat. As I have not noticed this before, is this a normal occurrence? It is just drawn in sharpie on white paper.

No that’s unusual. If the energy point (called Lao gung in acupuncture) is open (meaning, emitting energy) it can have this effect, as the energy is reflected back off the object. Maybe test this out by holding something else to see if the effect continues.

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Not quite that unusual depending on the circumstances I’d say. I’ve experienced sensations like that or other times as a sensation such a cold or a more obscure sensation.

Some experienced occultists will say a spirit is aware of your presence the moment you look at their sigil, I’d say what I’ve seen supports that. So Lilith may particulary wish to contact you or for some other energy is especially radiating this energy. It can also happen when the sigil was created at a specific Astrological time that allows Lilith to especially manifest in the world.

A Spirit’s Sigil is always a link to them, as everything has spirit.

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no, it was specifically from the sigil. I held my hand over the top too and it had warmth, but not like i felt from underneath, but I was also not physically touching the top as I was the bottom.

as I said her enn, I had the air actually get hazy for the first time ever. from what I read, that is normal, but I saw nothing on the heat. maybe I am finally getting closer, hopefully :slight_smile:

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