Question about Sigil Magick

Hello, I just learned a bit about how to use sigil magick. I have a questions regarding a symbol I have been drawing (I doodle a lot, lol), but I have been drawing this symbol for more than 10 years, I feel that it has special meaning to me and it randomly popped into my head many years ago, and I felt that it specifically was important and that I had to keep the memory of it alive by drawing ti every so often.

Could this have been given to me by a spirit or could it have had some meaning to me in perhaps a past life? I tried to charge it like I heard can be done with other sigils, it worked, it took on a sort of 3 dimensional shape and I could see the outline of energy coming from it.

Over all, my question is should I use this symbol as a sigil, and will it bring results that are important in some way to my subconcious?

can you post it or it’s personal?

It is my personal symbol and when I posted it for a couple of hours, my intuition was literally screaming at me to take it down, so I did.

This is what I’ve found out so far from a little soul searching and research. The symbol symbolizes the physical and the spirit realms, the balance of all within both planes (which resonates well with me since I am a libra). It is called the ‘Symbol of Pacts’

& It is a personal symbol, my signature symbol used in the majority of my evocations. It was given to me when I was little by most likely future evocations that I have grown close to, so that I could always contact even when I was not aware of what I was doing, but kept drawing the same symbol for years.

I don’t really know much about this topic but TheLotusEater posted something similar back in the “Decoding Your Dreams” thread, here - TLE, hope you don’t mind me referencing your post, it just seemed like maybe your experiences are similar?

If it was me I’d take this to divination, maybe dowse over it with my healing pendulum that I’m quite used to picking up “vibrations” from, or even do a tarot reading - my tarot skills aren’t that good but I can usually tell a favourable readings from a bad one. Something to think about maybe?