Question about reading

This may be an odd question or out of place, if so forgive me. I just had the thought to post and it keeps coming back to my mind.

Is there any kind of reading to tell what deity or entity is attached to you? I have a suspicion and trying to see if I can figure anything out on it. If this post breaks any rules tell me and I will delete. Thank you in advance

I m following this post .

You could try a pendulum. Laying out the kinds of entities you know of, and look for yes/no on “is this kind of entity attached to me?”. Caveat is if the kind that it is is not listed, it won’t come up, and you need to be fairly confident in your accuracy.


Forgive my delay, busy day yesterday. I’ve done some research into pendulums and looks like that would work perfectly, thank you! Going to order one tomorrow when get paid no where to get them around here (super Christian area). Thank you again


You can also just make one, anything works works that will hang free and has a bit of weight, a pendent necklace, a ring hung on a thin chain, that sort of thing. :slight_smile:

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