Question about protection

As your knowledge and skills in the occult begin to get stronger, do spiritual entities want to protect you because you seem useful?

As you make allies in the astral realm, definitely.

If you have a relationship with a spirit and take care of your part they do indeed take care of you more over time from what I’ve seen.

Well the theory is that we all have guardians watching out for us it just depends. Some choose to interact with their guardians and seek them out while others take a more guardian angel approach and don’t try to communicate with their guarcians but just know that they are watching over them. I don’t know about spirits finding people more useful as that would imply favoritism. But usually if you are loyal to them, they will help you learn and grow.

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I think so based on experiences I’ve had - they want or need people to do their work for them, that’s why some pacts are two-way deals, where the spirit helps the magician, and the magician occasionally works for the spirit. I do this, and it’s honestly no burden when you and the spirit share the same overall goals anyway.

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