Question about potentially menacing thoughtform

I have a question about thoughtforms and spirits. There are several entities that I’ve perceived are following me and I’m wondering if they are thoughtforms or also individual spirits. When I attempt to channel them through art, I used to draw about 4-5 different entities but recently they have merged into one drawing and I’m concerned that something is out of balance or one spirit or thoughtform is trying to dominate the other. I currently feel like I’m at a good place in my life but my energy seems stagnant and I can see a shape constantly following me from the left side of my body. Sometimes, when I’m focusing my mind on an object in the distance (staring at something and pushing my mind toward it) I see shadowy hands projecting from the left side and reaching out to grasp the object of focus. Recently these hands have been out of my control and grasping my phone at random times while I am holding it.

This is what I see following me/hanging around:
A large red hooded figure, the image is always moving and flowing like waves of energy (my best description). The image is not solid. The red hooded figure can change in density (becoming darker or brighter red), and has spiked looking things on its back.
A purple feminine face that is cold and menacing. The air becomes frigid.
A bald headed, extremely muscular inhuman figure with slit eyes and sharp teeth very tall and feels like a warrior. I feel “war lord”.

A creature I cannot describe that looks like the drawing with many things in one but there’s no human features and it’s not something that I would normally imagine. It moves like a living scroll and has many tendrils and different colors.

Here are some autonomic drawings done recently of one of the thing that merged into one being and I’m hoping y’all can help me sort out what is what because I’m becoming a bit confused.

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