Question about poppet majick

When making a poppet to symbolize someone else is it necessary to include a link to the target such as hair or a piece of clothing?

And what are some good ways to make a poppet without these links and how would I establish who I was targeting?


Links are a great boost, if nothing else a picture with their name crossed and covered on the back will do. I’ll often make a poppet and sew the picture on the face. If you have links use them.

Since you’ve been asking about baneful magick in relation to hoodoo I’m assuming that is your intention. Make the poppet and then roll up your cursing agents into a packet (I just make a tube from another picture) and stuff i to the body of the doll. I like to add some other nastiness if I can to the packet before putting it in the doll, stuf like goofer dust, grave dirt, scorpions, dead spiders (venemous of course) spider webs, fire ants etc.

Once your doll is made baptize it in the name of your target (google can tell you how if you don’t know how) and get to work.

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Thanks again bro!

Should I use just regular clothe if need be or could I use some old clothing?

If its not for you and you don’t intend to be bound to the person/poppet then don’t use your clothing. If you have their clothing absolutely use it especially if its not been washed.

I recently used several articles of clothing and concerns to make a doll. Underwear for the body, sock for the feet, a shirt for the doll from a shirt, placed hair in the head along with licked envelope paper. Signatures and pictures in the body. If you know of anything they’re allergic to add that as well. Get creative spirit will let you know what feels right.

Looks like I’ll just have to use some regular cloth and tie wrap it around some sticks and attach the picture to the sticks.Then stuff it full of the grave dirt and red peppers.

There’s no possible way to obtain anything from this person because well obviously we hate each other so I can’t get close enough to them.

I have some graveyard dirt and I’ll acquire some sticks from a graveyard as well.

I’ll pray some of the psalms you mentioned over some vvirgin olive oil and baptise the poppet with that.

Well thanks for the help brother!
I’m off to destroy someone’s life now!
Wish me luck!

Do some cleansings after you’re done with the work or one a week if you’ll be doing this for a while.

I planned on it bro.