Question about planes and Djinns

I saw a ritual whereby a person draws the sigil of Ayarllah on a mirror.
And when the person conducts a ritual he could chant the name of Ayarllah 13 times. Than Ayarllah would open a gate to the appropriate plane i.e demonic or some other current. And by that the ritual space would be filled with the energy of that plane.

I was wondering if i can utilize this ritual when workings with the Djinnic current? I heard that the Djinns are located on earth but on a higher dimensional frequency. Can that be categorized as a plane :thinking:?

Djinn are located on Djinnestan not earth.

The energetic layer of our physical is still part of our plane it is just a layer that exists with our plane that vibrates slightly faster where many of the dead tend to wander or get lost in.

You can use drums, the drumming helps to get into the proper mindset, it’s not just for shamanic journeying.

Djinn are linked to Azazel as well as Asmodeus so if you’re not sure you can reach out to either of them for help as well.