Question about pathworking

So i have been working with demons for years not dedicated to any system per se just on the fly at my own rules own worldlike path. So in the past few weeks i have been lead to angels considering my posts and also what ive experienced would or could this be because of the demons i consult or could it be a path set before me by my inner higher self who would know more. Im asking because the playing feild has seemed to level itself out on both sides of the astral first it was just demons now its demons and angels. My overall question is? Is it quite common for someone like myself whom works with demons to be lead to work with angels as well? Because one note of my angel evocations i started to see things manifest whereas when i consulted demons they did not

It happens both ways, many people have been lead to work with demons through their work with angels. For you it was the reverse.
Keep an open mind


Same,i was wotking with saints & angels. Now… Evil laugh

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