Question about offerings

I know that this is a basic question but if I am to offer a spirit a drink, how long do I let it stay out for them to absorb essence of the drink?

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I generally leave it overnight on the altar and pour it outside in the morning


Right. Leave it over night then typically return the item to nature.


Thank you all very much! I shall do that! Think just a big glass is fine ?haha so basic but I wanna know what’s perfect :ok_hand:

If it’s on an altar to the deity i always have a drink and water offering on the altar. I change it when the water gets cloudy. That could be over night or a week. It depends on the environment i guess - and the deity because some entities have their glasses stay fine and others typically turn theirs completely nasty in 2 days. If the water glass doesn’t look clear, like you could drink from it, wash it. As far as the drinks, i offer shots and wine depending on the deity. I leave them for up to a week depending on how they look. The food I leave a couple days unless it is something like cake or cookies or things that go bad quick. Then it gets dumped the next day.

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Thank you very much ! That sounds really good!

Just the same amount of wine as you would offer a friend. And some water. Oh, and if its a blood ritual use a little of your own blood - NEVER sacrifice a poor animal for your intent.