Question about my obsession spell

I want to attempt an obsession spell, for this to work I 100% have to believe but a part of me doesn’t think I’ll get results. Ugh

Anyway I want to try that jar spell with cotton and basically once it’s done you put it under your bed. I know the focus is when the candle is lit and the spell is happening but putting it under the bed probably signifies a connection to me.

My little sister has been sleeping in the bed with me because we are painting and redecorating her room, so will the spell affect her at all? If so I guess she’ll have to sleep somewhere else tonight because I really don’t want my sister getting affected by this.

Can you explain that more, I have never heard of that before?

I also practice Reiki and that requires no more than a thought on my part to target an individual anywhere in the world, even to the past and I guess I use the same in my magick as well.

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There are some here that think it unwise to do spells with kids even in the house.

I think if it is target specific you have nothing to worry about, unless this is something thats new to you that your trying out. Then I would recommend waiting till the painting is done, a few extra days wont really make that much difference

Have the energy from your work ever had a domino effect and influence others besides your target, just because those people were close enough to them in proximity?

OK I get what you mean, but no that has not happened to me.

How would you keep your work target-specific to keep something like @TinyGirl’s jar from effecting others?

I meditate on where I want the energy to reach, memories are a strong link to an individual as they bring up emotions that vibrate on that individuals frequency and provide a kind of link.

Knowing your target personally always raises the best energy but not always necessary. The same effect can be achieved by studying your target as well.

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