Question about mute option?

I find It great that we can mute topics which are completely boring. I do use that function from time to time. My question is if there is any possibility to mute certain members? I have noticed that sometimes certain people have nothing interesting to say.


No, sorry, the developers (not BALG, the people who built this platform) didn’t build that into the system.

You can mute that person to stop anything they do on the forum from notifying you, go to > Preferences (along top menu) > Notifications (left-hand side menu) > scroll down to where it says Messages and start typing their name in Muted, and it will auto-complete – select that and that will stop any of their PMs as well.

If you have concerns someone is breaking rules or posting in a manner that vandalises the forum, please use the flag icon beneath the three dots … at the bottom of their post, that will send a private message to check that post out. :+1: