Question about moving energy between chakras

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I came across above video by chance and was confused because he doesn’t say how to move the energy from root to third eye, the comments are disabled so I couldn’t ask there so perhaps some experienced guys on here can help, thanks.

Energy manipulation, while the energy in your energy body naturally flows through your energy body and chakras without need for being directed, you can do energy manipulation to direct the flow of one chakras energy to the other. But in the need all the chakras release the same energy which is the energy from your soul.

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so what do you suggest, reciting AH while meditating on each chakras and visualise the energy moving upwards towards the third eye and then visualise the reality you want to create/experience ?

EA teaches the same exercise in his book Ipsissimus (he also has a newsletter that details it in the archive) It is done by basically splitting your awareness, keeping part of it on the Muladhara, and the rest on the Ajna. As they say in Chinese qi gong, where awareness goes, energy flows, so by splitting your awareness, the energy moves upward between the two points where it collects in the Ajna, until it is released with the breath and the mantra.


Thanks, that’s very helpful.

moving prana from one chakra to another is done through yoga postures, start at the base and work through all the chakras till you get to the crown. then go from the crown all the way to the base. the sun salutation hits the majority of them so i would use that as a guide, adding a few other postures here and their to cover all the chakra points.

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Satanic Meditation . These are FREE . Might help.

I get an almost magnetic feeling and sometimes tingling feeling when energy moves through my body. I think it would help to try feel the energy like sucking water through a straw, at least in this type of exercise. You could also feel the energy emanating as waves throughout reality when you say the mantra