Question About Memories

This question I feel weird for asking but I really need the answer to

What does it mean when someone has memories that they have never lived but come to contact with ppl who recognised them?

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It can be a lot of things ranging from a past life connection to a doppelganger to bilocation.


Is there any way to find out the reason behind it? Or why it’s happening?

A lot of personal exploration through meditation is best imo. You will find psychics happy to give you their UPG (unverified personal gnosis) on the matter, but I think its the sort of thing best discovered by your own inner work.


Depending on the circumstances it could mean that you may be able to have a close bond with that person, a natural affinity and that you would get along well with them if circumstances allow.

I met someone a while back and she was sure that we used to know each other from somewhere before but through conversation it turned we didn’t and alas, she was in a relationship so I like the idea of the connection having been made in a past life.

Victoria6, do you feel that you like the person?

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This is just one example

Felt like I was talking to a extreme close friend, he was much older then my current age we also had a very long conversation that was filled with memories, places we went or the times our friend group got in to troubles.

We made a quick visit to our old university I also remembered our old teacher she was still at the same spot with exact same attitude.

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Maybe the person they meet is linked to a past life, maybe that person is a member of their soul family, maybe your soul mate or twin flame.

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