Question about mastering Divination

Has anyone here followed the program and would recomend it? Thanks in advance.

The more I read about it, the more I really am starting to think I really need to purchase this program!

The program has a lot of pratice and some important points of theory (fast).

It will lead you to start working immeadtly and develop the skills. You will have to pratice and work of course to get results…like training.

I got it when it released and it will prevent you of wasting time with non working books and other bad sources.

I am not done yet only on section 5 and it is worth it

I’d say section 6 (building upon parts of section 5) is really the entire program…

(the prior parts EA spends time going into details, just to allow the jumping to a different understanding/context in this last part… nor more of same, so need to change how would interpret it.)

but the first parts have some good points, if you hear-understand below the surface, if just listen literally I think easy to miss the gold