Question about Lucifer

Is He a Spiritul Entity or an Alien in flesh and bones?
What do you think about it?

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Lucifer is a ancient being, he has come to humanity as Many other beings.

He’s appeared as …

  1. Samael - Consort of Lilith and the poison of god
  2. Shiva - ancient god of destruction
  3. Attar - A Semitic God
  4. Loki - the fire god and trickster of the Norse
  5. Prometheus - The titan of Greek mythology
  6. Pan - Ancient God of the wild and Forest
  7. Lugh - invincible Ireland god of the sun
  8. Shemyaza - Leader of the fallen angels

He’s appeared as many more gods and beings throughout the years, when I spoke to him, he said he’s known as a god, angel, demon and even alien.

He’s truly a amazing being, in my gnosis he existed before us.

Below is one of many conversations i’ve had with lucifer.


I don’t have the impression that Lucifer is an alien but he’s not exactly earth-bound either.


I believe that when he says alien he means that we deem him as alien that some cultures deem him so far from our understanding he seems alien.