Question about letting go

So I know in rituals you should let it go after but I have two questions:

1: I hear some peoples stories on here they do rituals without letting go and it still works, how does that work?

2: I always wondered theoretically if it’s a demon or any spirit you’re calling on why does it matter if you let it go or not, aren’t they a separate conscious being completely from you?

So wouldn’t that mean that they are doing it anyway wether you let it go or not cause they have there own free will and consciousness?

What I mean by that is like if you told your son to get the mail
Wether you think about it or not he’s still getting the mail cause he has his own free will🤔

This really confuses me

If people had success not letting go

Then why let go in the first place as a necessity?

It’s not about letting it go as much as NOT lusting for results. Which is a form of doubt, and doubt kills magick. You must not doubt.

You keep asking the same questions over and over again, the answers always boil down to “Intention” and the fact that the only person who’s intention matters is the operator. Not candle flame, the entity, not anything else but you. YOU are the magick.

Follow the intention of the operator, everything else is icing.


So I could think about the ritual just not like
“When is it gonna workkkkkk” type of thing?

Exactly. You see the ritual as successful and the situation already as you want it, all emotions and visuals are in line with the new state. You feel gratitude to the spirits for fixing it for you.

The universe doesn’t do negatives, it sees want and it gives you want… if you think about how it hasn’t worked yet, you literally manifest that it hasn’t worked, and continue to do so.

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That made it feel so much easier to do a ritual now thank u lmao

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This almost brought a tear its so freaking true!!

I always affirm after a spell even in the shower :joy: I’m like “THANK YOU DANTALION FOR BRINGING ME MY DESIRE”

And sure enough… every time within 3 days max my desire comes.

Its such a beautiful process once you master the ability to affirm with feeling and gratitude after a spell because you almost live the outcome before it’s happened and that in itself makes it happen!

The high vibration your on guarantees manifestation. Don’t see there being any other way other than yours and it’ll be your way:)