Question about Lady Lilith and candle/sigil carved

Okay, so this happened awhile back -

So I was setting up her altar (rearranging) and had just gotten a set of 3 purple pillar candles. (Since I heard she also likes the color purple, I decided to have purple candles for her). Then of course, I carved her sigil into the first candle - so that the candle could act as a focal point for me to connect to Lady Lilith. I think I did light it briefly (I’m new to candles in general, apparently I need to burn them longer for the wax to melt thoroughly).

However after I blew it out (and it was NOT very long after), I was sitting down when I felt her energy manifest REALLY strong in my room - like she came over/was evoked.

*Now for my question, it’s possible for her to have been evoked/manifested even WITHOUT me doing an evocation? *

It was just like the first time she came when I wrote a petition to her (I didn’t evoke, and didn’t expect her to actually show up directly). It was the same warm but STRONG motherly energy (although alittle “fiery” but not in a negative way) so I know it was her.

Of course I freaked, and basically ditched (not one of my brightest moments) the area. I have anxiety and I was “building myself” up to evoke her (confidence wise) by mediating to her sigil or indirectly working with her energy… not because of her directly. More so a me problem, Lady Lilith was very empathic and motherly when I first met her.

I’m wondering if maybe the act of carving her sigil provided enough energy for a manifestation + lighting the candle or something…

Yes, it is very possible.


I thought the reason for evocation was to also provide the spirit with energy to manifest here? I guess some have enough energy to manifest themselves?

Now i’m wondering if the sigil carving might have “attracted” her to me/here? Like how some light a candle to show the way for spirits?

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From what you described, you didn’t get a full physical manifestation like you would in an evocation, instead you got what is called the manifestation of presence.

The manifestation of presence is often the precursor to a full materialisation, so, in my opinion, it seems that Lilith may be close to you or have an interest in you.


Well I’ve also noticed that both times I didn’t intend for an evocation or initate DIRECT contact. Seeing how both times she’s suprised me/caught me off guard.

The first time was a full manifestation since she also interacted on a physical level with me. Like touches and getting on my bed. In a comforting manner not sexual. Although she did kiss me. And that did something weird.

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