Question about king paimon

anyone summoned paimon and then after the session you still have paimon energy and his energy influences you and then you feel you are on top of the world and everyone else is below you and you are right and everyone else is wrong ?
Is it just me? or is this something that happens after being in contact with paimon ?


It’s pretty normal, any time you evoke or invoke or anything with an external force their energy is going to influence you in some way or ‘stick’ on you in some way until you cleanse/ground. When the entity’s energy is more potent then your own the more affected you are by it.


If you keep working with Paimon and other demons of Goetia to get what you want, you will learn to integrate this energy into your personality in a healthy and useful way.

People who think like this (and act so that it is actually true) tend to attain very high achievements, such as being in the C-Suite in companies or being a high-ranking politician or famous artist, anything that gives you lots of power, status, and wealth.

If you are already quite an ambitious person, you should get along very well with the demons.


I second this

*King Paimon is a great spirit and a King. You may meet many aspects of his and one of his greatest aspects is his pride. So, maybe you felt that kind of energy. But it’s normal to feel a spirit’s energy after you have summoned it.

That is normal because when you evoke a spirit after the evocation the conversation with that spirit doesn’t necessarily stop if you are tune into it, if you are attuned to paimon.

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