Question about King Belial

I evoked King Belial for the first time approx. 2 months ago and asked for his help to get rid of a persistent Male who has been bothering me horribly.

He accepted and Belial has been around me quite a bit since then and I leave him offerings weekly.

The problem is 90% better, but today the Guy showed up again at my house.

Should I evoke King Belail again about the issues, or do as I believe which is he will know and will sort it and he hates being approached again over the same issue?

I know by communications with Belial in the past he would go apeshit if this guy came near me again, what is the best thing to do? I do not want to appear like I do not trust Belial

If this was a more familiar spirit, I would mention it. I just do not want to annoy him.

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Evoke him, make it clear you’re doing so because you are concerned about what’s happened, try not to attach expectations or mind-reading (like we sometimes try to do with one another, “will he be annoyed, what will she think?” etc) to this.


Thank you Lady Eva.

I was told that he hates to be re approached after a petition about the same problem as he thinks it is ‘whining’ hence my question.

I will tonight as you suggested. :+1:

Think I will get him some Cognac too as an offering

Ive been preparing for almost 2 years to make a pact with King Belial and im still not completely ready. Hes a difficult one. But hes the only one i feel a connection with. My instincts tell me to be extremely humble and not to have a shred of fear. This demon is famous for getting in ur head and wrecking ur life he doesnt deem u worthy. Hes unique from all the othwr Goetia demons. I dont think he liked being enslaved by Solomon and has contempt for humans in general. But if he accepts u his gifts are wonderful. He has a legion of familiars to lend out.

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Frankly i dont think cognac is gonna work for him. He likes a big “offering”. Remember he was created right behind Satan. Hes a King.

I have evoked him several times with sacrifices of bad habits and big material offerings. Therefore I know he is a King

He accepted me and my offerings and often visits me in lucid dreams.

He has made some pretty big changes for me so far…I think it helped that I have worked with Lucifer for a number of years, but who knows.

I notice you are new to the forum…,welcome. Maybe you should evoke Belial , he is not to be feared if you are respectful


I dont fear him. I just know him well enough to know that im not completely ready. And i will invoke noet evoke. I think invoking makes for a better exchange of energy.


Hello lady Eva,

Since you have more experience with Belial I thought I’d ask you as I’m a bit on the fence along with some insecurity.

I was syringly considering contacting him regarding influencing certain legal decisions, and told him I would. Then a spirit of mine tells me not to jump the gun, let things run on their own and if you see the need then do something about it magically.

Now I feel stuck because I said to belial I would petition him but I kind of changed my mind as I have heard reports of things getting chaotic with him and …this is one situation that CANNOT GO WRONG. All throughout that time I have the song in my mind playing like a broken record “he’s got the whole world in his hands, he’s got the whole world in his hands etc… for no apearant reason.

I thought of perhaps offering yellow candles with Franckincense simply to thank him for his listening ear but feel concerned about get pissing him off that I changed my mind.

Any advice here?


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Do you feel like you reached that pint now?

I have trusted him with enormously important things and he always came through for me, I trust him, but it is important not to treat him like a vending machine, and once he’s in your life, he’s likely to remain there. I like him, so that doesn;t bother me, but it is something to be aware of.

I think that’s to reassure you.

Belial has power of a type that can be termed god-like.

Explain you are human, you tried to follow the best advice, and simply did the best you could.

I have never found him to be unpleasant for the sake of it, he cares about your ascent if he’s working with you, but we all have weaknesses and things about us that are fucked up, he can see that as well as any other god or spirit.

Just keep it real, never over-promise, and re-read the info in My "Belial Files" : 2017 Update - especially about offerings. :wink:


Thank you for that. Very much appreciated.

Just as I was posting this to you a voice said ; “just be honest”. What I forgot to tell you is hat while I was debating about this , and the song was in my head, a client of mine mysteriously shows with his dog and the dog sat on me and then next to me. Perhaps this was a sign that he can be trusted and is faithful ? Perhaps

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When I say his name it’s cold and empty usually it was warm and caring.

Taramurti…Why don’t you ask a question regards this specifically ? This thread is about whether I should do another evocation or not

dont take every story you hear literally, you should stop waiting and just go for the pact