Question about Karma

What exactly is Karma? Does it exist and carry on from life to life?

This subject has been a lot on my mind lately.


It is an Eastern concept, and I’m Indian so I’ll tell you my interpretation of karma. This will be long.

Karma is not about you doing one thing and getting it back 3-fold. It’s about balance. The balance of power and “karma”, which is at the end of the day your actions. In Hindu mythology the karma of your life is calculated after your death, and it will decide whether you’ll live a good life in your next incarnation or a bad one.

Think of making dough, when it’s too watery, you add flour. If it’s too dry, you add water. Karma is that, except the adding part is done by the universe or any other higher force you believe in. Whether it’s water or flour, will be decided by said force.

That being said, you can still do hexes, curses etc without thinking about “heavenly retribution” if you did it for bringing yourself good. That’s an independent thought and you are free to believe in whatever you want.

Karma in my culture is the bad you do to others for selfish reasons, which doesn’t amount to anything good for anyone.

If you’re gonna ruin your neighbor’s dough out of spite, you’re gonna end up ruining your own dough. That’s karma. But if you do it because said neighbor sabotaged you, personally speaking, that is not karma. Your dough will be A+ as planned.

I hope I was able to explain it well, let me know if you have any questions and I’ll do my best to answer it! :purple_heart:


Thanks, you explained that beautifully.

But there’s still something I’ve noticed and it perplexes me. All religions and the new age spiritual current are practically a death cult, in the sense that you’re either paying past life Karma or taking care not to create anymore for the next one. In turn wasting your current life on this pointless pursuit.

I was also part of this while following the RHP and ever since I switched it’s the first time in my life I’ve felt free to do whatever I want without this fear.

At least the way I see it, you should be able to live any life you want without having to think about what you did in your past lives, as you have no memory of that. But this gets into much deeper topics, being that we all come from Source, God, however you want to call it, we are all one. Then how come the soul still retains the impressions of what you did in the past and that carries on with every re-birth.

And if you sit and analyse, the notion of Karma is deeply rooted in the collective unconscious.


The thing is, you can and should live life the way you want to regardless of which path to follow.

Karma as far as I know shows itself in cycles. It’s the repeating incidents which occur to teach you lessons. Some of it is generational, for my family it was toxicity and unhealthy relationships and thinking in general. I carried it from my past life as well (I did divination), and the way I healed and broke through it is by recognising the patterns, the faults of everyone including myself and dealing with it as needed. That way, I have “paid” my karmic “debt”.

That was my lesson, to respect my emotions and my boundaries. I didn’t handle it well in my past life, hence that was my karma and I carried it forward to this life.

Karmic debts or lessons aren’t direct, they’re subtle and present themselves in different ways. Your soul might not even remember or recognise what they did, that’s why the Universe gives you assignments to learn from.

Karma in this sense, is the homework your teacher gives you. Teacher- the higher force. And you-do the student.

But it doesn’t mean you don’t get extracurricular activities! You can choose whatever you like! :laughing:

The way to recognise and work through the homework is divination and shadow work.

Live your life, but don’t bind yourself to the past unless it’s keeping you from moving forward.


Yeah that was superbly explained thanks!

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Yeah, I’ve had situations related to relationships repeated over the years that we’re exact copies of one another. While I did understand the faults in myself and others and changed what I could about myself and also developed a more healthy way to see relationships, living the same situation over and over again only made the core wound deeper, it didn’t heal anything.

Although through Kundalini I managed to heal a lot of trauma from my childhood. But in doing so I had to face that trauma and it came with the biggest price I ever paid, suffering and pain beyond what I thought could be possible, nirvana of pain would be a good description, it can’t be put into words.

But the thing is, even after doing all this healing and changing so much I still found myself in the same situations. So I don’t believe in Karma or lessons anymore, I’ve had enough of those and I believe the Universe doesn’t care about your wellbeing at all, so it’s up to me to impose my will on it, to get what I want.


Originally Karma had more to do with action but with time it became the whole whatever you do to others comes back to you bs. It’s fear mongering to be honest.

Carrying on from life to life depends on who you ask. Most RHP practioners will tell you it’s true but LHP or Middle Path practioners will say its false.

That been said it is a limiting mindset that I found hard to detach from


Welcome :purple_heart:

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I too find it limiting and hard to detach from. Though at least the way I see it one thing is certain, what you see as yourself (ego) dies with your physical body but something else continues to exist, in what way or if it carries on from life to life I thinks it’s impossible to explain or understand with human logic, it transcends that.

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I agree with you, and as far as I can tell, karma is simply a deliberate misrepresentation of the law of attraction, perpetuated as a control mechanism by organised religion, similar to “sin” in the Abrahamic religions.

As most abusers know, it’s easier to control your victims if you tell them it’s their fault, and you keep them ignorant of the truth.

The whole idea is worse than worthless, it’s a form of evil because it’s a dumbed down explanation of what’s actually happening energetically. The root of all evil in my book, is coercion and violation of consent, especially when it denies free will and spiritual sovereignty, which karma is used to do.

If you want to know about why bad energy can return to you, just look at nature and the flows of water, energy in resonance and reflection and music. It’s intuitive and natural, not at all mystical and you don’t need gurus to tell you how to think about it really.