Question about interfering energies

Another forum member was so kind enough to send me some hoodoo materials for free.
The materials include saints oils and prayer cards,money drawing materials,and ALOT of herbs which I need to research.

Now since watching my footing with majick right now my question is would working hoodoo spells interfere with my work with Asmoday?

I read somewhere that Raphael defeated Asmoday during the fall but I look at the fallmythos as a metaphor showing what energies/entities mesh and which ones interfere with each other.

She also sente a couple of books on psalms majick and different prayers/invocations.

I don’t want to go into too much detail but I did ask Asmoday to help not only empower my rituals but to help me release my desires upon the world.

Here is his response.
“Feel your worries wash away.Consider them no longer.You are God and God has spoken”.

So I’m taking that as permission to at least do spell craft.

I have some oils and powders for Santa Muerte who I want to work with but I feel like that would take more dedication than I have time for right now.

Also.A question I have about hoodoo is the actual USE of the herbs.
I’ve heard of some spells where the herbs are sprinkled around the candle but other than that I don’t know.

Basically I’m looking for all around advice from the more experienced mages on here.

My recent troubles have humbled me and showed me I have a long way to go so I’m open to any advice.



I would stay away from Santa Muerte for the time being, that is the last thing you need right now imo.

Some info on what you received would be helpful, what herbs and oils, what Saints you were thinking about working with etc. what did you plan to work wkth Asmoday for? That type of stuff will help offer better advice. I wouldn’t mix saint work with Asmoday.

Keep your work separated, you can use Asmoday in hoodoo spells but do not mix the spirits.

You can open a sigil, dress it with an appropriate oil, annoint a candle and roll it in the herbs as long as they’re appropriate for the spell and then perform candle magick with the candle placed on the open sigil. You can sprinkle herbs around the sigil or candle, you can make a packet or mojo to carry with the spirits sigil inside. There is a lot you can do but knowing your herbs and root correspondences and how tonapply them best is important. You can make a mess with hoodoo just as easy as you can with spirits.

Well first things first I’m wanting to use Asmoday to manifest money to get out of debt then move from there.
I have some All Saints Oil that I was thinking of using in conjunction with some prayers found in one of the books I have for protection from further debt or incarceration.

The herbs I have are Lavender,Mugwort,Wormwood,Cinnamon Chips,Master of the Woods,Hyssops,Nutmeg Shells,High John the Conquerer Root, Lemmgrass,Agrimmy„Five Finger GrassDevil’s Shoestrings,Solomon’s Seal Root,Bamdelim,Chebub Berries,Cats Eye Shells,Job’s Tears,Red Rose Petals,Pyryte,Lodestones,Star Anise,and finally Tanka beans.

I have some money drawing oil and steady work powder and their are plenty of prosperity prayers in the book I have.(Helping YourselfbWith Selected Prayers and The Secrets of the Psalms)

I plan on researching all the materials but any experienced advice with these herbs and prayers would be helpful.


Personally I would kick Asmoday to the curb as you’d just be adding ONE MORE spirit to the stew you have, but your welcome to do as you want.

I’d take some Hyssop, Agrimony and some devil shoestrings or lemon grass and brew it up for a cleansing bath. Wash from the neck down asking that all this be cleansed from you, psalms 51 and 23 would be good to recite during the bath. Have two white candles lit and when you leave the bath pass through the two candles.

I’d make a packet of
Master of the woods to overcome obstacles
High John the conqueror to conquer whatever comes your way
5 finger grass for skill and to make money with your hands
Cinnamon for money drawing
Nutmeg for luck
A lodestone to draw in prosperity
Devil’s Shoestring to protect from bad luck.

Wrap it all in a piece of cloth and tie it up, dress it in money drawing oil and pass it through the flame of a candle dressed with money oil. Place the candle on top of a petition paper with a statement like “Prosperity and abundance are drawn to me, all that I have I want and that I want I can have.” Place the packet on the 10 of Pentacles/Disks tarot card and set this next to the candle and petition.

Keep the packet on your person for at least a week and talk and confide in it, tell it what you want to have and tell it that it’s purpose to help you attain all that you desire. Dress it with the oil once a week and a candle at least once a month.

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Thanks for the tutorial bro!
I was just thinking earlier that I needed a cleansing bath.I usually just use sea salt in my bath water but I’ll so as you reccomend as it seems to have the umpf that I need right now.

I asked Asmodaybto help clear out all the interfering energies after I burnt ball the sigils and placed the wooden ones in a cloth bag like you said.

I’ve felt more at peace since I did the ritual last night.
All my divinations concerning Asmoday looked good but it also showed I need to do work on my own psyche and balance myself out.

I also did a reading on the hoodoo stuff and it showed that it could unlock new doors for me and grant me the protection and prosperity I need.

I’m going to have to go about this VERY carefully.
If anything seems to be going out in left field with Asmoday you bet I’ll tell him to kick rocks but right now he SEEMS to be helping me get back on track.

No money yet but he’s helped me gain more confidence in myself and showed me that I CAN overcome this.

Thanks again brother.


Read Jason Miller’s Financial Sorcery, its fucking awesome and can you put yourself on the right track financially.

I use to have that book but loaned it to a friend and haven’t gotten it back yet.
I do however have The Sorcerer’s Secrets and Protection and Reversal Majick so I may look into those for forms of reversing the ill effects.

Just speaking from experience here:
DO NOT MIX ANYTHING Unless you know they get along.
I’ve had several students go stark staring batshit mad
because they couldn’t follow advice.

I don’t plan on using the saints in conjunction with Asmoday.

I plan on working with the king one more time before dismissing him and retiring his sigil.

Then I plan on working out of one of the books I have that has a ton of prayers to various saints to bring positive energy and prosperity in my life.

Thanks for the advice.