Question about Gods

So can a God Get your soul if you haven’t sold it to them
Cuz i had 2 being who came to me while i was waking up 2 mornings ago one was wearing a tank top with jeans while the other one wasn’t wearing a shirt but had pants on I asked one of my girls what do they want from me and she said the they came because they are hurt and injure and they feel I stole something from them which I didn’t figure out what it was till later and supposedly one of them is God of Justice and a powerful Magickal Force and the other is god of Strength and Conflict so i asked Saint death what do they want from me just to see her view and she said the they were sent to retrieve my Soul and she said the i can either isolated myself from making contact with them or I can just give them offering in the psysical to find my path back to them

My Immediate reaction WAS WTF hell no all of you confuse sometimes. im aint going to isolate my self just because they feel I owe them faith and I’m not gonna offer anything to them either like what I’m so sick in tire of all this powerful beings coming to me claiming the they want something all I ask is for Peace for F sake

And NOW THERES ANOTHER POWERFUL GOD who gave me 2 Option I can either deal with them in a friendly manner and see them as force of life or i can deal with them in a Hostile manner as a Force of death
Again I ask saint death what does he wants and she reply by saying (my destiny) and to give me power and to help me Find the Journey I seek she also said the He considers himself the male counterpart of im who but apposite of the being im working with (saint death) so where she is more Earthy he is More of water and the he wants in active role in my life and destiny I consider working with but the way he kinda threaten me is what pissed me off

I’m think of banish all them

I don’t know what a soul is, but I would rather deal with as few hostile gods as I can get away with. I personally waited a lot of energy resisting an egregore because I wanted to pretend to be sane. That was a mistake on my part.


I told them the i wasnt gonna worship them if the is what they want

A God cannot take your soul unless you given yourself up to them freely. Even Gods make contracts. Are these Gods “well known” or no?

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Whats a Goda?

A typo on phone

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Not the ones the want to retrieve my soul at least I don’t know them but saint death said that they might be Angels

Sounds like a trap. Your soul isn’t yours to give. You can give up your soul so to speak but it basically means your life, not literally but in a more devotional way, where you only see them as your master but that’s never a good idea. They’re meant to serve you, not the other way around like they might be wanting. It’s more of a mutual partnership you want to look for when dealing with entities and not ones that want worship.

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So angels rather than Gods?

Yeah i got that i asked saint death if she wants me to worship her like slave or servant and she said no although she want me to listen to her she wants us to be friends as equal partner and working on helping me get a better life so I understand that

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mostly likely

This sounds like a more ideal partnership.

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could i use the lesser banishing ritual on them

Yep love working with her

Uh yes it is o.O

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thou the god the gave me to Option im not 100% sure who he is but i have a slight hunch the is Either baron samedi or Papa Lagba im not sure yet

Your actual soul isn’t an individual construct. It’s connected to a higher source. What you can give is your life not the soul. People often get that confused when the term sell your soul came about. You trade your individual self.

A soul is a energetically visible thing I’ve on many occasions scanned them, ‘touched’ them, it’s your own. The concept of a “higher source” is only applicable to those who follow a higher source or the concept of the higher self aligns with but not everyone has either of those. However, selling one’s self can extent to the soul self as well, the self that is you beyond the physical form depending on the extent of the contract between the two.


I don’t follow a higher source, the higher source is meant to be the connectivity we share, which has some basis to the collective unconscious theory. The concept of selling a soul isn’t new but the basis of it is religious and religions have been very unreliable. The soul exists but there’s a difference between the soul and the spirit, you trade your individual self, never that energy, but as an archiac rule, a magician is to never convince someone to believe in what ever “truth” they know. So, I’m not going to convince otherwise.

Not everyone comes from or is part of what others view their source as, there are many sources, the source of this reality while we are here, but our souls all do not align with the same source concept.

Also I disagree, soul and spirit are literally synonyms for one another and that’s fine, I’m not aiming to convince you but I also do not really call myself a magician as I lowkey find the label pretty disgusting for myself.