Question about gods, 2 part

Hi, i wanna know which are the best gods to ask petitions.

No one can answer this question. It’s completely up to the individual magician, and the goals they want to accomplish.

Some are drawn to particular pantheons, like the Greek or the Norse, and others will move between them all.


Ok, so any god can grant any petition?

Like I said, it depends on the goal. A petition to a god of love, for example, won’t help you to kill your enemies.

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So any petition is based on their authority, so if i need knowledge i ask the petition to a wisdom god, th same with money to a god that manage whealth or love with a love goddess

Generally, yes.

Some gods can act outside of the speciality, but that is a good rule of thumb.


All of them depending on the situation.

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thanks for that information

that situation is the petition?

Yes, depending on what you need, I’ve petitioned Freya for relationship purposes, Inari for job purposes, etc

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so i must choose a god with an authority related with the petition that i want to ask

That would be ideal, but you can also choose one that you’re close to as well.


thank for ur wisdom

Love hurts
Love scars
Love wounds and marks

Sorry, I couldn’t help it :joy:

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There are no best deities , work with the ones which you feel attracted to

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thanks for ur advise