Question about god form

Can a newbie that’s never done magic have a godform, someone like myself? Sorry if that’s a really dumb question, I’m just trying to learn

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We all have godforms, the more you progress and advance in your ascent you will face your Godform.

Advance further and you will assume your personal Godform.

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Yes you can start at any time by visualizing yourself moving forward and creating your godform with an image of your choice designed specifically by you and guided visualization. You create the image of a deity, concentration on the sigil, vibration of the deity’s name… Once created, you step into the image. You can than work as a manifestation of that deity, for the purpose of using powers attributed to the deity for healing, divination, or practical magic.


That’s a Thoughtform… Totally not what the OP asked.
I agree with @C.Kendall

At least he tried :man_shrugging: xd


I was actually half asleep when I wrote the above comment so let me elaborate…

What @lawclerk proposed, is more close to a servitor/thoughtform/egregore and not a Godform.
Servitors are entities created by a magician with a given task and certain powers, such as healing, lust etc.
Godforms are complicated entities based on a belief system (of many people) and are created by the current.
A single magician cant create Godforms but can create and release a thoughform which will act mostly as a servitor and can be destroyed the same way as a servitor.
Servitors/thoughtforms are not as powerful as Godforms and are very limited.


Actually in the new age occult, there is also another Godform concept, it’s like the godself concept.

Many magicians believe and know that the human being has more than one incarnation whether it be physical or spiritual.

After all we aren’t physical beings having a spiritual experience, in actuality we are spiritual beings having a physical experience.

I and many others believe we descended from other realms, condensed our spirit into the womb of our mothers.

Before we came to be physical our spirit also had different incarnations, from the soul, to the higher self, to the atman etc.

Some of came with the idea that when we incarnated into this life, that a certain god/entity has had a influence on us from the beginning.

Like Lucifer for my part, the reason being is a God is extremely vast and can be in more than one place at once.

So let’s take a example.

Belial a demon, also a God.
He is ready for his next incarnation to ascend beyond his form.

So he can take his soul and send it into the lower realms that soul ends up in a human body.
Baby grows up, it’s a boy his name is Luke, his true identity is the human incarnation of Belial.

He doesn’t know it yet, he gets into the occult, starts Magick, he does it for years he realises Belial is the main thing pushing him.

He questions Belial why, Belial explains he is his Godform and then through a ritual of Godform assumption.

Can assume his full Belial power, also this can result in what EA Koetting calls eternal perfect possession.

Where a spirit is inside you and it becomes a merger, the spirit and the magician become one in the same and coexist their lives together forever.

Until there is no Luke and no Belial but instead they were one person the whole time, it’s a complicated thing.

Something I’ve been working on and have done years of stuff on, but very fascinating.


Any real avatars are always in danger of being found and eaten for their powers. I would suggest anyone to watch Stardust and see what those witches do to a fallen star.

Its probably why real avatars have been asleep for centuries. Any real avatars don’t need any rituals other then to Awaken and remember how to use their inborn powers. They are always hunted down by mystics that know this. Many occult wars have been about who gets to eat the heart of a star.

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This clip alone. The feels are too real.
The joke she has to put on a fake horn on a real unicorn. The level of irony.

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I think I’m going to seek this merge


Very interesting post. This confirms what i have been told by a series of spirits and demonic forces that have haunted me since childhood…

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And how! You are spot on. This is what I have experienced throughout.

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It also happens the more aggressive Stars also have high powered defenses. Nothing like knowing if a parasite makes the wrong move it could prove very fatal in a number of different ways. It truly is The Wild West.

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