Question about evoking Lucifer

Hello. I have been trying to evoke Lucifer for the past months and he never has appeared, showed signs that he is in the same room as I am. I chanted his enn properly as I stared down his sigil and have no response. What does that mean? Is he rejecting me? I know I can use stuff like the pendulum to communicate but I am not good at using it.

Did you call him, or did you just chant his enn? In evocation, you actually have to summon the spirit to come forth.

Did you provide a manifestation base?

Have you actually taken the time to develop your ability to see and hear spirits?

Real magick is not like the movies. A spirit is not going to just appear before you in a puff of smoke simply because you chanted some funny words.

Magical skills are just like physical skills, they take practice. Simply chanting an enn or gazing at a seal is rarely enough to elicit a response if you don’t already have the necessary psychic development.


Same as what Knight said, develop your psychic skills.

Plus, with what you said it seems more like you were meditating on his sigil rather than actively evoking. If you have any doubts, ask him directly.

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I see, thank you for responding. I shall work on my abilities.