Question about entites, and birthdate related associations

After reading about what some entities are associated with (day, moon phase, element, etc), I’ve found similarities between my own associations with those same things, and certain entities. Like sharing the same moon phase ( I was born on a new moon), then being born on a Friday, and other thing I shared with that entity (in terms of things their associated with).

I also felt drawn to that entity as well. Does that mean anything in relation to the similarities I found? I’ve found alot of similarities in associations between me, and certain entities in this manner and find that curious.

associations like days, moon phases, are somewhat new associations, the elements however are heavily limited when it comes to entities. However, seeing as you felt drawn to the entity says something on its own.


Yeah, its the being drawn to part that I’m trying to figure out. I’m sure there are different reasons for it. However I don’t know if it’s just me, or some actual reason I would feel drawn to any particular entity.

You could divine it or ask the entity yourself?

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I know, I’m just the philosophical type, and thoroughly like to think these things through. Along with every other thing about life lol.