Question about demons and love/attraction

far be it for me to ask anything but I have an issue. It might be a subconscious hang up that has to do with love magick. Not really directed at anyone specifically but I get tired of hearing people “karma”, or “that’s wrong!” or blah blah blah. But I have noticed everytime I do any type of love/seduction magick, it always seems to backfire. I can’t figure out what I am doing wrong. I have done self introspection, and tried changing myself. Etc. But there is something, a thing I am learning…

I have noticed though I seem to really do well when I am having self confidence and not really focused on anyone in particular. That’s when I seem attractive to most of the ladies, because then, they began to “wonder”. Soon as I start to show interest back, it all becomes bullshit mind games, and power plays. It pisses me off to no end. So I am like “then what’s the fucking point?” They do a total 360 on me then I have to dump their asses. Usually the women I attract, I am not attracted to, or really ugly. I am not attracted to women with rotting teeth, or being obese, or have mental issues like not taking care of themselves.

However, what I have learned though. To be fascinated (the key word fascinate), requires an element of wonder. Then I am taken back to what Anton LeVay had written in the Satanic Bible which by the way I agree with the philosophy and like the ritual format, I actually use it for inspiration in creating my own ritual formats even though I am a demonolater. But my point was reading the philosophy and learning about fascination and the carnal desires began to make sense.

So I further educated myself buying the Satanic Warlock. Most women I met are different when it comes to attraction. I have noticed a lot of them are attracted to my charming personality that seems to earn me the reputation of being “cute” or “hot” or … what I often hear, “dreamy”. lol My eyes are the most attractive feature, I also been told I look like I have male and female and a lot of women are attracted to it, some guys are too. I identify as a heterosexual male(I am a transgendered man, not transitioned), im not purposely trying to look androgynous but I am starting to wonder if I should use that as to increase my attractiveness? so I decided to capitalize on my eyes. And the first demon that came to mind in being attractive/seductive was Asmodeus. I read that he seduces women through the eyes. So I thought he would be a match into invoking. Basically I am just wanting to increase my sexual attractiveness in general as a guy and as well attract a lover/girlfriend or perhaps a relationship. I want to be able to have both of those elements in my life.

My first thought was Asmodeus, is there any other demons who could help?

The reason why I have such trouble in my love life is often when I start to show interest back, they do a 360 on me or become a lunatic. Or they play games and act flakey. And then I end up dumping them. Then I end up getting stalked lol. I know its not funny but …. um yeah. That’s what usually happens. At first I thought it was because I don’t think im attractive enough (which is the reason why I was asking for help) the other part is, the type of women I attract if any suggestion on that part on attracting some girl I want to be with, would be appreciated it.

Which I read somewhere on the forums most guys want to date a girl who have some type of incompleteness and want to feel needed, well I think I might be that type and it might be part of the problem.

Sorry for the long post, I hope I made it clear as possible. I am open to suggestions on who could help OR suggestions that I can personally work on before I ask for help, like maybe techniques.

My background I use: (which I prefer)
I often use runes in daily meditations
Sanksrit mantras
Satanic ritual or meditations. The only time I use affirmations if I use a word of power then affirm the energy raised by it. I feel like affirmations alone don’t do shit.