Question about “combo ilekes”

Is it possible that when one receives the ilekes, it’s actually one strand that combines the usual Orishas’ patterns?

Second: if the first is not possible when one receives the ilekes for the first time, can such a combo ileke be made and fed to replace the individual ilekes? Would any separate ceremony be needed?

I think it depends on the ile and branch of ATR being practiced. In Ifa elekes arent presented like they are as, say in Lucumi or Regla de Ocha. In the ile I was in which practices Ocha each orisha has their own set eleke. I’ve seen the kind for all 7 orisha on one string before in botanicas but never in an actual ile.
Again, each ile have their own patterns for the beads so again, dont take my word as law. I’m not initiated, just an aborisha.
This kind of question would serve best to a reputable and authentic Padrino/Madrina who’s lineage can be traced back. Not an internet forum.

I suspect for this type of eleke to be done properly divination is needed. Lots of people can claim a title but if you cant trace back the spiritual lineage of their house I’d take anything they’d say with a grain of salt.

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In traditional Lucumi Iles you would never see a ‘combo ileke’ in fact, I’ve never heard of this…if it’s around it’s something new.
In Palo a long ileke made up of differnt beading is worn, but that’s a totally different practice.
When dealing with Eggun, spirits of the dead I’ve seen combination beaded necklaces, but only then.
Ask around…if you have ilekes already, hang onto them…it’s not good to throw out such things. Like going to a doctor, get more than one opinion from more than just one Ile to be safe, because receiving something that doesn’t go with your energy or receiving something you don’t need or someone’s invention–can do a well meaning individual much more harm than good.
Take your time and don’t rush…I remember being a very eager when I began and elder priests told me to take my time and one also told me just because there is an orisha to receive doesn’t mean you should receive because it’s a responsibility.


Did you get this in an ileke ceremony? Those are usually seen in botanicas to be worn as decorative I believe as opposed to an actual ileke….if I am pulling to mind the same thing you are talking about.

Also, what Orisha are represented in it…the colors? There are certain Orisha that can’t go together.

It is true that each ile can do things slightly differently…but this sounds a little “too” different.

Let me know and I’ll give as much guidance as I can.

I also agree that you should talk to your elders in the tradition. However, since I don’t know who you are dealing with and if they are legit or not, I would suggest that you take the matter to your ancestors and you ori. let them guide you. I can tell you from experience that if they are telling you something is off, something is off! listen! I ended up having to do several ceremonies over and pay all that money over, because I didn’t listen when my spirits were telling me something was off. I didn’t listen because at the time I was new and I was trying to be humble . But I should have listened.

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I have never heard of combo ilekes. The ones with multiple colors/ patterns on one necklace are usually for the “7 African Powers”. That is a seperate thing.
Out of curiosity, why do you want them all in one necklace?