Question about claireaudience

Hi there wonderful people.

i have question about claireaudience.
okay i have meet some wonderful spirits while i took DMT. So now when i’m sober and want to know a name of a person but can not remember the name of that person i visualize one of the spirits from DMT and ask if he want to tell me the name of the person i want to know.
sometimes in les than 1 seconde. i know the name its pop up in my mind.
i also can recognize by the speed the name is flying in. that the name is giving to me.
let me explain if i may, so normal thoughts come or feel some what slow. but when a spirit give me a name it feels like its flying in. there is a different energy about it.

so my question is do i have clairaudience in general or is that just only on that moment.
because its not that i have a full conversation. i would like to though.

thanks for the reply

If it pops up in your thought, then it’s not clairaudience but could be claircognizance.

However, it could be simply you’re utilizing a method this way to recall the name from the memory in your mind, which moments before was not accessible but still is somewhere, and this simply helps your mind to make the connection. Works a lot for me this way, when I forgot where I put something, forgot something I were remembering before and so on. This has to do with FORGETTING and re-accessing the information that already was previously there. Which isn’t necessarily a clair ability, but something everyone of us can do or can learn to do.

Claircognizance is more than that. In summary, it is in regard to getting access to information, which previously wasn’t there. This is more understood like clear-knowing, clear insight or sometimes called divine knowing.

It would be clairaudience, if you’re hearing it in some way, externally or inside of you or if it’s like hearing it in your thoughts, as if it were from another source.

To discern what it is, you should pay attention to repeating patterns to more than one thing / occurence like this.

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